(A bit NE of Athens centre)

7th July 2013

AH3 Run 1835

Hares: Thrice Nightly & Knob Goblin
Photos: Mad Dog

Web page: Mad Dog


Google elevation: 273 metres

Trail length: 6.4 km

**Yankie Doodle Dandy Independence Day Run**


The Trail

From 2.3km altitude


From 8.0 km altitude ..


Before the run


The Run












Small bee-hive hazard


Mount Immitos Ring Road  (Part of the Attiki Odos)     >>>>>>> SCROLL RIGHT >>>>>>







The Circle


















The Taverna



The Avram Taverna








The directions to the hash - for the record


Papagou (North-East Athens)

Venue: Parking lot on the way to the Monastery of Ag. John the Theologou (Ioannoy Thelogoy) Papagou.
(NOTE: This is not the AH3's traditional starting point used for the Immitos Mountain Challenge run, but is the place we have met several times for Papagou runs.)

Simple hasher version-  

Mesogeion to Kyprou, left or right at the light at the Pentagono--depending on from whence you come, toward the mountain and NOT into the Pentaono. Proceed up Kyproou to a roundabout (the first exit from the roundabout uphill may be blocked by construction barriers) so take the 2nd exit and then make the first right in about 50 meters, just before Verde Cafe, on Leof. Papagou, go straight up the hill and at the signal light make a right onto Anastasiou and continue up the hill through 2 traffic lights toward the mountain. We will be .85 kilometer up the hill, the last right turn before the Odos.

From the Ymmitos Odos, exit Anastasiou, go down the hill a few hundred meters, first road on the left.

Public Transport --- You can take the Metro to Ethniki Amyna and the 413 bus (stop on Kyprou just off Mesogeion) up to Anastasiou, get off and walk about 2/3 kilometer up the hill, or arrange to meet someone at the Metro for a ride up the hill.

We will gather in the gravel lot that is visible from Anastsiou. There may be a HHH sign or 2 on Anastaiou depending on how rough Saturday night is....

After at Avram Taverna. (Cheap eats)