Nea Makri

(near Zouberi)

(Seaside NE of Athens)

30th June 2013

AH3 Run 1834

Hares: Strawberry4Skin,
allbreaker & Red Light
Photos: Mad Dog

Web page: Mad Dog

38° 4'47.43"N

Google elevation: 4.0 metres

Trail length: ? km


The Trail

Parking (P) and circle location


The latter part of the trail (2km) and beer stop. GPS not working for first part of trail. View from 1.5 km up.


View from 16 km up showing location of Nea Makri


Before the run

Beers & Leg Openers


Teeny Tottie indicates the local wind strength for the runners


Fair Cop carries some beer to Captain Sumo's car to take to the beer stop  Come back !!!!


Thrice Nightly examines some tall bamboos for root dryness and make some corrections.


The hashers all finally locate the venue from the vague directions in the trash.


Hare S4S steps into the circle to mislead the hashers


Short, all downhill, no checks, no falsies .... yea yea...


How many are going to the Taverna (set price 15 euros)? OK! A good many this week.


Hares Ballbreaker and Red Light step in to explain their trail marking system.


The Run

The runners set off along the coastal road in the direction of Nea Makri town & Marina


Lots of energy to start off with.


Rear Entry leads the runners back from a false trail


What! Another falsie already?


Knob Goblin gives the camera a nice smile.


On On!


Into the residential area with the local slopes of Pendeli mountain showing in the distance.


Heading for the sea up a leafy and flowery alley


At the Nea Makri marina, Rocket Socket & Fair Cop kindly stop to steady a palm tree stirred by the wind


Good work! lads.


The trail continues along the sea shore back in the Zouberi direction.


Nea Makri beach view. There are much better beaches further along with grassy areas and palm trees for shade.


This means BEER NEAR


The long-awaited beer stop where runners meet walkers


A strange quiet while quenching thirsts but not for long...


Strawberry4Skin poses with Clitoria


Hashers love to have fun!!


Teeny Tottie with Teeny Boner. Ahh, to be young!


"Shooting the breeze" with an onshore breeze


Off they stagger to continue the run


A small obstacle for the runners


Hashers (and now S4S) trample the bouzi plants outside a summer house
and the owner cries "Christea mou".


The Circle

The hares S4S, Ballbreaker and Red Light are called into the circle


The traditional down-down for doing a good job of laying the trail


Captain Sumo, Knob Goblin, and Teeny Boner are then called in


Rocket Socket


Thrice Nightly


Rear Entry


Rocket Socket awarded his 50-run badge (flopping down) and mug


S4S awards Captain Sumo the medal he won (and forgot) on Aegina for participating in a island run.


But wait! S4S has something else in his plastic bag.


The running shoes that Coke Dealer forgot while running in the same island race.


He makes Captain Sumo and Coke Dealer drink beer from them.


Coke Dealer quickly tips hers away but Captain Sumo boldly drinks his. Hope her trainers were clean inside.


Hash Wedding


Hash wedding YouTube video - click here


Ballbreaker & Red Light dressed-up in their wedding gear


Guest RA Playboy2 officiates at the ceremony

The bridesmaids Clitoria and Leanover try to hold onto their veils.


They have been given sarongs to wrap over their shorts -

- but they seem to have ridden up. Never mind.


By the power of Gisbert (the founder of the whole hashing organization) ....


Playboy2 continues with the special hash wedding service


Rice is thrown throughout the ceremony


The floral wedding rings are given to the bride and bridegroom


Bridesmaid Clitoria sits on the Groom


Playboy2 gives his blessing as the scene turns chaotic


The bride and bridegroom are given champagne in special no-expense spared plastic flutes


The happy couple are kissed by the hashers


The bride throws the bouquet and Teeny Tottie catches it. S4S congratulates her.


Teeny Tottie with the bouquet


Romantic girly pose


Oxymoron arrives late having missed the circle and wedding.


Changed and ready for the beach taverna meal.


The Taverna

La Costa Beach Club in Zouberi
(A little further south along the coast road - towards Rafina)

The beers are called for first, of course.

Now, the waiter takes the orders for the all-individual meals


Thrice Nightly and Teeny Boner look hungry & study the menu seriously


Looking out towards the beach and sea



Beer, wine and smiles


Cool guys ! Playboy2 and Oxymoron together


Ice cold draft beer! Now doesn't that give you a thirst?


A gratis fruit course and a chance for the hash bride and groom to be romantic



The directions to the hash - for the record

S4S says
: get to Nea Makri - go to coast road and head south about 1/2 km.
No signs.    
[Clit: groan……]


Directions via Dionysos:

Take Kifissias Ave and go northwards through Kifissia, Erythraia, Ekali and take the right turn signed to Dionysos / Nea Makri. This is the mountain road to Nea Makri via Leoforos Dionysou.

Continue over the mountain towards Nea Makri and follow the road until you come to a main junction with Leoforos Marathonos near the coast [A on map], there are traffic lights here [Mothercare (?) shop on your right / AB supermarket opposite].

At these lights go straight ahead onto Argostoliou road, after 100 m turn right onto Agias Paraskevis road, after 100 m turn left onto Agiou Konstantinou after about 550 m you will come to the coast road. Turn right onto Leoforos Poseidonos and continue along there for about 500 m(?) or until you see S4S [B on map] …. he says there is a hotel there which MIGHT be called Honeymoon…


Directions via Rafina / Attiki Odos:

Those coming from elsewhere or who prefer to come via Attiki Odos can exit at Rafina, go to the end of Attiki Odos and turn left, after 200m turn right at the next junction onto Leoforos Marathonos. Continue along here for approx. 6 Kms, passing the big junction with Leoforos Marathonos and Al Fleming {this is the turn off for Rafina port} and after approx another 7 Kms turn right onto Savva Papapoliti Road. After 800m you will come to Leoforos Poseidonos – turn left (?) and try and find the hash start.

Quite probably lost??


Call S4S