Skala - Agistri       Sunday 26th May 2013      AH3 Run 1830

Hares: 4 French hares      Photos: Captain Sumo (& Mad Dog)     Web page: Mad Dog



How many other places in the world have comparable views and such a range of stunning colours as Greece?



Circling in the hotel before the run.

The French hares Napoleon's Boney Part & Cafe Crepes, Teeny Boner & newly named Teeny Tottie.

Getting-up early on a Sunday morning to lay the trail after a previous day & night of drinking is tough!



A brief halt on the run for a photo


A french-style falsie with a view


Fair Cop & 2-hares to guide him (and his hangover)


Walkers (or are they just sitters) meet runners at the beach


A fine opportunity to get together for a group photo


No, this is not a mooning photo. It's a chance to show the back of our new T-shirts to our sponsor.


Thrice Nightly streaks along the seafront followed distantly by other runners.


The hares are called into the circle by RA Fair Cop


Hare's group down-down. Thanks guys for a special effort.




Lost Property with Cabrio-Laid & Clitoria



Self Service has fun with Clitoria


Dan & Brandy


Not wearing hash T-shirts to the circle - big mistake - so group down-down is ordered


Beep Beep (& wife Squeaky) join us for hash weekends when they can.


The one and only Oxymoron (was he late again today)


Newly named Knob Goblin did a great job with the games on Saturday evening


Another group down-down


Captain Sumo and Clitoria relaxing in a local cafe


And soon joined by other hashers catching the same ferry