Skala - Agistri       Friday 24th May 2013      AH3 Run 1828

Hare: Thrice Nightly       Photos: Captain Sumo & Mad Dog      Web page: Mad Dog



From Pireaus on the Hellenic Seaways car ferry, stopping at the port of Aegina on the way to Agistri


The roll-on, roll-off ferry edges closer to the dock bow-first, unlike most other car ferries


Vehicles and passengers embarking onto the car ferry .


View of the small port and jetty at Skala, Agistri with vehicles waiting to embark


Arrived at the port of Skala on Agistri

Jetty to the left and down. Abatis Hotel (pedestrians) to the right and up the hill about 300m (on RHS)


View to the right of previous photo


And further right...

Straight ahead - the narrow road for cars to get to the Abatis Hotel car-park


View of beach - with umbrellas and sunbeds to the left.

This was the location for the Saturday beach games and sunbathing


Panoramic view looking out to sea from near the port area


The car ferry returning to Pireaus via Aegina - view from near the Abatis hotel


The ferry grows more distant - heading straight to avoid the shallow waters before turning left for Aegina


The charming & helpful receptionist Konstantina -
Tel: 690-620-8732


Doggy Style poses on the hotel steps


The way up to the hotel


Looking down at the steps from the hotel room


Super view from the hotel room


View from the hotel room. Notice the church in the town.


Going for lunch with Strawberry4Skin and Leanover - to the Kekrifalia hotel restaurant just across the road


Strawberry4Skin heads for the grub


We make a start with freshly squeezed orange juice.
(OK it should be beer but sometimes one has to have a change)


View from the restaurant balcony (the hashers can be seen through the glass)


Another view from the restaurant balcony


Another fine view from the restaurant balcony


And another fine view from the restaurant balcony - ooh-la-la!



The hash flag (Thanks, Rocket Socket!) on it's stand and pole.

All we needed was some wind, but sadly no, so Rocket Socket obliges behind the tree.


Beep Beep passes some colourful Bougainvilleas


Fair Cop has fun with a misplaced toilet bowl


Mad Dog about to enter the tunnel. What delightful pleasures one experiences on a hash!




Mad Dog & Thrice Nightly pose for Captain Sumo's camera


See! Athens hashers do run sometimes.


Runners & walkers meet-up for a group & grope photo at the end of a concrete jetty near-ish the port


The pristine church by the beach that can been seen from the hotel (and from most places in Skala)



Teeny Boner & CU Camille arrive on the island just in time for the circle


CU Camille looks like she could down a beer or two


Wet Dream prepares the down-down beers


CU Alithea looks kind-of perplexed


Thrice Nightly - Today's Hare - strips off for...


a Athens Hash Veteran Hare t-shirt


Thrice Nightly and Mad Dog share a joke


Welcome Beep Beep & Squeaky


Oxymoron arrives by car with CU Ada and a friend


Clitoria keeps Oxy's friend under control


GM Mad Dog awards a down-down to CU Camille


RA Fair Cop awards himself a DIO


Captain Sumo & Mad Dog


CU Dan and wife Brandy


The Alkyon restaurant kindly arranged by Oxymoron


Clitoria poses with Strawberry4Skin


The hashers have a nice view out to sea from the restaurant balcony


A clear almost full-moon (was officially full on the following day -Saturday)




Just one photo - Teeney Boner with Mad Dog while playing a group word & action game.