Nea Kifissia


5th May 2013

AH3 Run 1825

Hare: Capt. Sumo   

Photos: Captain Sumo
+ Mad Dog

Web page: Mad Dog

38° 5'49.92"N

Google elevation: 239 metres

Trail length: 4.8 km


The Trail



Before the run

Captain Sumo's Greek-HHH Easter eggs

Later we followed the fine Greek tradition of bashing them together to see who's egg breaks and who's survives.


Milling around and relaxing before the run


The Run and Walk


Fair Cop thinking about checking (or more likely about that Kokoretsi cooking on the BBQ)
while Mad Dog checks his GPS to see if any satellites are showing themselves at Easter
or if they all decided to have a lie-in.


Thrice Nightly is already feeling hungry and is considering chewing on a dead animal skeleton.


What fine specimens of athletic human beings


Watch out! Here they come!


If that's not real shiggy then what on earth is??


A favorite hash pastime in Greece - tortoise fondling


A good way to get wet trainers.


A well-deserved (OK maybe not) beer stop.


Careful Thrice Nightly! That's a loose stepping stone. CU Alithia gives encouragement.


Mad Dog jumps up and down to test if the bridge is safe. Is that stupid or what?


L-to-R: Teeny Boner, Mad Dog, Thrice Nightly, Fair Cop - all trying to impress the photographer Capt. Sumo.


CU Alithia arrives at the On-In carrying the hash horn


The Circle


Captain Sumo - the hare


Here comes another down-down event


Fair Cop drinks with Thrice Nightly and CU Alithia


CU Alithia holding a down-down tankard


Peter is visiting for Easter


Kum Kwik and Scrubber


Fair Cop & Wet Dream



Clitoria questions Ferret Blower - who has brought her daughter
and son-in-law to the hash.


Ferret Blower


Mad Dog


Clitoria questions the hash virgins


Oooh!, aren't they bold??


Clitoria checks the hash virgin - she enjoys this bit


Look!, I'll show you says the visitor


Clitoria is taken by surprise


And again!


They drink to the hash virgin song


Clitoria is given a DIO for being embarrassed for the first time anyone can remember


CU Alithea gives Captain Sumo an award from our inaugral run in Lionethio


A golden goblet (sort-of)


Doggie Style & Rear Entry have their Name Days on Greek Easter Sunday



The Easter Meal


The lamb is cooking - being turned by the electric motor (which later fails)


The Greek country sausages are coming along nicely.


Now the sausages are ready to be handed round and eaten.


Rear Entry's Kokoretsi is ready to eat and so are the hashers


It's hard work getting the Kokoretsi off the Souvla and into the Tapsi

(Does that sound a little Greek?)

Hungry Hashers join the food line


Here we go! Spy Shagger helps to serve the guests.


Rear Entry's sister smiles for a photo


Teeny Boner is happy that the meal is finally ready.

The lamb is taking longer to cook than expected -
so rather than wait, the hashers get tucked-in to what is ready.


Coke Dealer wields her egg in an egg-cracking challenge


The electric motor for the spit has burnt-out and so Rear Entry has to turn the lamb by hand.
(Capt. Sumo and others took turns to turn later).

Capt. Sumo combines lamb turning with drinking


The lamb is now fully cooked and is taken down from the BBQ


The meat is carefully cut away from the main carcass


Spy Shagger (R) and her sister (L) pose by the BBQ


Dissecting the lamb is hard work for Rear Entry


Mad Dog & Doggy Style - with the first trayful of lamb


After eating, the hashers get down to more drinking and chatting


Relaxing in the garden with a drink





The directions to the hash - for the record


Go along the National Road (Ethniki Odos) and take the Kifissia turn off (at the Pines Hotel) in the Ekali / Kifissia direction. Go round the roundabout and so turn left (9 O'clock) and then go under the underpass under the National Road (Ethniki Odos). Continued below **

 From N. Erithrea, turn off KIFISSIAS at H. Trikoupi, and go down towards N. Road. Pass Kamikazi and keep going down. At the big roundabout go straight over and then drive under the underpass - Continued below **

 From the centre, drive up Kifissias Ave. and pass through the centre of Kifissia. Pass the cinema on the right and seeing the Shell petrol station on the right, turn left at the traffic lights into H. Trikoupi (for the National Road or Ethniki Odos). Keep straight (with slight deviations) until you come to the roundabout (which is just before the National Road). Go straight across the roundabout and pass UNDER the National Road. Continued below **

 ** Exactly after the underpass and after 2 blocks turn right and after another 2 blocks turn left - after 30 metres stop at the address: Nafpliou 14 {Tassos pad}.