(N-W of Athens)

24th March 2013

AH3 Run 1820

Hare: Mountain Goat
Photos: Fair Cop
+ a few from Thrice Nightly

Web page: Mad Dog

38° 09' 48.66" N
23° 47' 22.23" E


Google elevation: 545 metres

Trail length: 7.8 km




The Trail

The trail was run counter-clockwise. Tatoi Royal Estate to the right. View from 3.5 km up.
NOTE: The straight sections are where the GPS lost signal.
The small circles are of course "checks" & the "P" is for parking & circle.


View from 10.1 km up. The E75 is the National Road from Athens to Thessaloniki


The Run and Walk

Mountain Goat - the hare



Thrice Nightly



Thrice Nightly and Rocket Socket in the lead


Mad Dog and Mountain Goat going round the bend


Rim Job charges uphill


Does this uphill bit never end?


Absolut poses with a view of the forest behind her


Mad Dog followed by Alethea - still going up



Rocket Socket


Rim Job






Mobile trail marker heads into the bushes



Large male tortoise sensibly heads for safety!




The Circle

Mountain Goat the hare gets a down-down for his fine trail



Run badges awarded - Mad Dog 450 runs, Thrice Nightly 25 runs (with the Athens Hash)


Absolut joins the flying club




Oops! Linda pours beer down the back of her neck (one way to keep cool)


Welcome back OTIS ... but she's leaving again... but she'll be back













Alithea gets awarded the FRB helmet


The Taverna

Lambros Taverna

(GPS:  38° 11' 21.43" N, 23° 47' 10.91" E)

(Continue on same road for a couple of km or so and it's on the right & set back next to a parking area)

11 euros per person (Salads, starters + sausages, pork chops, horta, chips + beer & wine)




The directions to the hash - for the record

Coming via Attiki Odos and/or National Road:

Take the Attiki Odos to the National Road & head North towards Lamia.
Keep going to the Varibobi exit on the National Road (This is the first junction North of the Kifissia exit).
Exit here and turn left to cross the National Road on the flyover for Varibobi.
(NOTE: You can also reach this Varibobi flyover by driving through Kifissia and Ekali and turning left for the National Road)
You immediately pass a BIANEX factory on your right.
For 1 or 2 km the road is very windy.
Then it straightens out for 5 km or so.
At the end of this long straight stretch the road bears to the right (another road joins it here from the left - this is the road coming from the TATOI Airport)
Bear right and after 600 metres or so there is a turning to the left for LEONIDAS Taverna. This is the second or third main turning to the left, just after the ARIS Taverna.
Several Tavernas are signposted at this turning, including Leonidas and Panorama.
About 2 km later you come to the THEA (probably now “AGIOS MERCURIOS” and PANORAMA tavernas on your right.
Some 700 metres after these tavernas you pass a picnic area on your left.
Some 500 metres after: you pass the entrance gate to the estate and palace of the ex-king on your right.
We meet after some more 700 metres further up - on the right, at the parking lot next to the Fountain at the North side of the estate of the ex-king.
From the Wikipedia (but you already know that from the past):
Fountain (from the Latin: "fons" or "fontis", a Source or Spring) is a piece of Architecture which pours water into a basin or jets it into the air either to supply drinking water (this is our case, at the right side of the road) or for decorative or dramatic effect (this is not our case).