(A bit SE of Athens centre)

10th March 2013

AH3 Run 1818

Hare: The Bookmaker
Photos: Captain Sumo

Web page: Mad Dog


Google elevation: 219 metres

Trail length: 6.74 km


The Trail

The Bookmaker's trail went counter-clockwise (view from 1.9 km up)


Altitude profile of the trail

View from 12.5 km up showing the equestrian centre and race track


Before the run

Yes, it's carnival season in Greece


The Run




The Bookmaker




The hare and a falsie (marked with a very neat "F")






The Circle

Spring is Sprung (almost)




The circle commences


The hare's down-down




Visitors from Finland - Captain Sumo's sister and her husband


Rocket Socket entertains our visitors


Thrice Nightly


Captain Sumo with Alethea and Doggie Style



Doggie Style shows off her tail


RA Fair Cop



Clitoria tries different hats


Super jester hat


GM Mad Dog in his sombrero


Our Hash Cash Wet Dream takes a break from pouring the beers


Good to the last drop .... The Bookmaker


Rim Job


Formosa Flyer


Heavy Breather


Thrice Nighly


The Taverna

Mountain Goat with Formosa Flyer


Alethea, Doggie Style, and Mad Dog


Captain Sumo demonstrates the Viking meat-eating technique


Sotiris souvlaki taverna in Markopoulo

12 euros each including tip

Kokoretsi, pork giro, pork chop + starters, beer, red and white wine etc.



The directions to the hash - for the record

BTW: It’s still Carnival period so funny dress is acceptable and encouraged!!!




Take the Attiki Odos as if going to the Airport Follow the signs to Markopoulo.

i.e. do NOT take the turn off right to the airport.

Continue along this road towards Markopoulo (& Lavrion)

You pass a Tyrokameio on your right (Cheese Emporium)

As you approach Markopoulo there are 2 sets of lights.

Do NOT take the first set or the second set 200 meters later.

Keep going towards Lavrion and pass a LIDL on your right.

Zzero your odometer as you pass LIDL.

1.8 km later there is a junction with traffic lights.
(signposted for the Olympic Equestrian Centre & Racetrack)

Turn left here as if going to the Equestrian Centre or racetrack**

*2.2 km down this dual carriageway there is a junction
(this is where a small road crosses the road to the racetrack).
Turn RIGHT here and continue along this small road.
Follow this road for 5.6km. Parking is on the right on the grass.


**There will be cardboard signs marked with black arrows starting from the turnoff to the racetrack*


GPS directions to the starting place: 37° 50.792'N 23° 59.307'E