(On the way to Corinth)

Sunday 24th Feb. 2013

AH3 Run 1817

Hares: Thibaut &Captain Sumo  

Photos: Captain Sumo & Mad Dog & Alethea
Web page: Mad Dog


Google elevation: 5 metres

Trail length: 7.3 km


The Trail




Before the run





The Run and Walk












































The Circle
































Birthday celebration









The directions to the hash - for the record

Get on the Attiki Odos or National highway depending where you are coming from. After passing Elefsina you can choose to:

1. Spend money and go through the toll after joining the Olympia Odos (i.e. the National Road to Corinth) or


2. Exit here just right at the toll booths to use the utility road that runs alongside Olympia Odos. This will take about 5 to 10 mins longer but if you are going to use the scenic route and use the Old national road then reserve another 30 minutes travel time.


No toll route:

If you decide to skip the Olympia Odos tolls you take the utility road on the right of the tolls that runs alongside the Olympia Odos. Go through the tunnel under the highway and turn right, at next intersection about a km away you turn right again, follow this road to a "T" junction and turn right, [there is a no entry sign but nobody takes any notice of it]…

Then follow this road which runs parallel to the Olympia Odos and at some point at the end you will be using the old National road.

Just before Megara, you will have the choice to go straight ahead to the city of Megara [where you can reach the Olympia Odos for free following Korinthos direction] or stay on the scenic road which goes slightly on the left and up . If you do so continue ahead and go through Kineta. 


You will see the Olympia Odos Kineta exit on your right, (*) after that continue 1 km until you see a sign for paradise coffee, watch for the next turn to auxiliary road called Papaflessa a few hundred ms to left. Drive to the end of this road and park there. There are a few reserved parking spaces to the left and T’s pad is there behind this corner


Toll route:

Those coming via Olympia Odos, do not exit at Kineta Panorama but take the next Kineta exit, go under the highway and turn right and follow directions after the (*) ...


Address: is Megalou Alexandrou & Nestoros @ Vouliagmeni Kineta. The owner is called Dalakas and he has put some signs around with his name to promote the houses he rents.