Mount Immitos

From the Papagou side

20th January 2013

AH3 Run 1811

Hare: Captain Sumo   

Photos & web page: Mad Dog


Google elevation: 420 metres

Trail length: approx. 8.5 km


The Trail

The trail from 3.5 km - Incomplete track due to GPS receiver failure (unit accidentally dropped & shut-off)


The trail from 12 km


Altitude-profile _ Incomplete track due to GPS receiver failure


Before the run

Hare Captain Sumo (as is our tradition) gives false information about the run


The Run


The runners start off



Returning from a falsie - Fair Cop, Rim Job & Mountain Goat


Thrice Nightly


On up!



Coke Dealer leads the pack back from another false trail


The Hare - with a headband camera



Finally some flat running surface


Rocket Socket emerges from the bushes followed by Fair Cop


Panoramic view looking North-West over Athens >>>> Scroll RIGHT to view


Rocker Socket carrying the hash horn


Heading for the peak over the rocks


Panoramic view looking East over Peania >>>> Scroll RIGHT to view


Getting nearer the peak


Almost there!


Finally reaching the peak.

A drinks stop & time for some group photos.




Mad Dog poses on the triangulation post


Heading down from the peak


Panoramic view looking West over Athens. Note Immitos ring road below. >>>> Scroll RIGHT to view


Coke Dealer poses in among the dead trees killed in a forest fire a few years ago


Panoramic view looking South-East over Peania >>>> Scroll RIGHT to view



Another pose on a post


Coke Dealer too


Another photo opportunity


Mad Dog's turn .....


What are Coke Dealer & Rim Job up to?


Mountain Goat heads down a steep slope


There he goes.


And here comes the hare!


Down, down, down (now that sounds familiar?)


Mountain Goat rests and asks for water.


Be careful what you ask for on the hash!!


Thrice Nightly has a bleeding knee - so Mad Dog washes it


Rocket Socket still carrying the hash horn


An amazing photo of Rim Job actually airborne as he jumps down from the rocks


Another Panoramic photo - so scroll Right a bit to view it all >>>>>


One way of getting attention is to paint your apartment building a bright purple.


Photo showing the road to Lavrio


Coke Dealer & Captain Sumo - what ARE you doing! Sex on the hash is not allowed!!


Mountain Goat nimbly clambers down the rock


Here comes Mad Dog


And then Rocket Socket using an alternative method


The On Inn - thank god!!


Mad Dog tripped and fell on the road just 200 metres from the end of the run.
You should see the knee!


Socialising at the end of the run


The Circle

This was held on Captain Sumo's rooftop terrace - as was super the curry meal

The directions to the hash - for the record



Hash Moneybags:


Easiest way to come to the area is to join the Imittos ring and take the Papagou exit to Anastaseos street, then turn left at the junction with Anastaseos St and continue up the mountain, *pass 2 cemeteries, when you come to a Y junction take a very sharp left and continue along here for a couple of kilometres until you run out of paved road, we start from there.


Hash Cheapskates from the North & South:


From Leoforos Mesogeion, take a left (North) / right (South) on Leoforos Kyrprou. (At the intersection, there is a statue of General Papagos)  When you come to a circle, go about 3/4 of the way around onto Ionias. Make an immediate right at the sign for Verde and head uphill with the park on your left. (The road is Leoforos Alexandros Papagos.) When you come to the intersection with a traffic light, that is Odos Anastaseos. Turn right onto Anastaseos. Carry on until you pass under the Immitos Ring Road – carry on as above*.


After the circle there is the on inn at Captain Sumo's at 248 Mesogeion (Trapeza Kyprou is downstairs) so just carry on down from Anastaseos until you meet Mesogeion, turn right and then take Eisodos 5 at the Vodafone shop onto the side road, plenty of parking on Sundays.