Northern Houston, Texas
(Athens Hashers away from home and running with the Houston Hash House Harriers)
Houston Hash run 1767 - Sunday 18th December 2011
(Almost coinciding with Athens Hash run 1766 on this same day)
Featuring lots of woodland, shiggy and mud

Photographer: Mad Dog


- T H E     T R A I L -

The lat/lon coordinates of the:
Starting point:
   30° 2'51.35"N, 95°25'44.33"W  
End point & circle: 30° 2'6.52"N, 95°27'20.43"W
Altitude: 32 metres above sea level

Trail cartographic Length = 9.96 km

The A-to-B trail from 3.7km altitude. "P" marks the start of the trail.

Note where the trail crosses the river (on the right) and under the I-45 freeway (although it appears to be over the top)


From 12km up.

Note the neatly but interestingly laid-out residential areas.


From 85km up - showing the road system and location of the trail


A section of the trail from 570m up - giving a view of the Interstate I-45 freeway


- Driving to the start of the run from Sugar Land -

Heading North on I-45


Passing the downtown commercial area



- The Run -

Mad Dog buys some long socks from haberdash and gets left behind.

Where the f... have the runners gone?


Ah! There's a couple of walkers


OK I've found a couple of hashers but they have lost the trail.


Ah! This looks like the trail


Following the trail past a construction site. The houses here in houston are mainly woood framed.


Finally finding some hashers on trail - as the trail leads into the woodland again.


Most jump across the stream but this guy wades along it carrying his girlfriend


The water gets deeper down there and they wade to the river bank


Fallen trees make good ways to cross


Down again into the river bed


Back into the woodland


Hasher pioneers the crossing


Hasher gallantry


A chance to get one's trainers & socks clean...


On on


Running along the top of the levee embankment

(Definition:   Levee- An embankment built to prevent the overflow of a river)



Houston single-storey houses with their swimming pools and back yards


On on!


Back into the woods


Crawling through the thorn bushes


Heading for the I-45 freeway


Under the freeway


Beer Check sign


Beer at last


Down the muddy bank


river bank running


Up the river bank again


Water tower


Showing the huge size of the tower


Water reservoir lit by the setting sun


On on!


Making way along a dry river bed filled with dead branches


Using a tree to swing down the muddy track


Running along by the river again


Down the bank towards the river


Up the bank again


Typical swampy river scene


Finally some road running


Thr BN (Beer Near) mark - meaning the end is close

Now it's getting dark


Low lighting blurs the photo of the hashers at the end of the run.

The circle was basically conducted after nightfall.

Mad Dog awarded Tender Vittles (whose mother hash is Athens) his 50 run mug in the circle




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                                                                        MD Feb. 2006

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