Houston, Texas
(Athens Hashers away from home and running with the Houston Hash House Harriers - H4 founded 1979)

Pub Crawl - Friday 2nd December 2011
Houston run 1764.5 - Saturday 3rd December
Houston Hash Christmas Party
- Saturday 3rd December

Photographer: Mad Dog


Downtown Pub Crawl - 2nd December - 7.00 pm

Downtown pubs

3 of the many pubs we crawled to or from.


Downtown Christmas Party Hash - 3rd December - 1:00 pm

- T H E     T R A I L -

The lat/lon coordinates of the:
Starting point:
29°43'45.61"N, 95°20'5.16"W     
End point & circle: 29°44'28.84"N, 95°20'31.99"W 

Altitude: 34 feet above sea level

Trail cartographic Length = 9.96 km


Location of the hash - downtown - in the middle of loop 610


The A-to-B trail starting at the parking lot "P"


Closer view of the starting point.

Start location: The Gander Mountain in Spring off 45, 19302 Interstate 45, Spring, TX 77243


- Driving to the start of the run from Sugar Land -

The old sugar mill from which Sugarland, Texas got it's name


Heading to downtown Houston along the Southwest Freeway (59 North)


Nearing the centre


- The Run -

Gathering before the run


Pre-hash circle (almost)


The hares explain their trail markers (X for a check)


The runners are away!


A check


A view of the office district skyscrapers


A beer stop at a pub


Pitchers of beer are brought out for the thirsty hashers


Hasher gives a harriette on rollerblades a piggyback through a roadworks area.


The amazing Dynamo Soccer (yes Soccer) Stadium under construction


Self-explanatory image




New section of tramway under construction


The Circle - Tender Vittles (Mauricio) in the red T-shirt



Tender Vittles (Right) singing a hash song


Naming - Houston style



Getting into the Sag (Shag) Waggon or Anchor Truck (taking us back from B to A and our cars)


View of downtown Houston


Returning to Sugar Land on the SW Freeway (59) South

Hash Christmas Party - 3rd December - 7:00 pm

Theme: Enchantment Under The Sea (50's) - From the film "Back to the future #1"

Venue: Super Happy Fun Land

The poster from the film.


Michael J. Fox in "Back to the future #1" singing "Johnny be good"

Link to the YouTube video:      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qs88M5PaRvc&feature=related







All hashers were given a tankard & insulating sleeve on entering the premises


Then a photographer took everyone's photo

Mad Dog & Doggie Style


Tender Vittles & Krazie Puppy


Parson's Nose & Juices Flowing


Tender Vittles, Krazie Puppy & Doggie Style




The band


The 2010-2011 mis-management committee are given gifts.

Note Parson's Nose (bending down)




Tender Vittles receives a wrapped bag of flour for haring the trail of the quarter


Tender Vittles & Krazie Puppy for the worst trail of the year (turd award)



Award for the trail with the worst hasher experience of the year (cars broken in to)



Award for best trail of the year


To Tender Vittles - for sweeping the most awards - a golden broom


Voted (with voting slips) - Prom King and Queen





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                                                                        MD Feb. 2006

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