Athens Classic Marathon
- 10 Kilometre Road Race -
13 November 2011
Athens Hash Run 1761

Start & Finish:
Panathinaikon (or Kallimamaro, or Old Marble) Stadium, Central Athens

Photographer: Mad Dog

NOTE: Our race timing results can be found near the bottom of the page.



Walking across the National Gardens

On the way to the stadium from Syntagma Square metro station


Almost at the stadium

(Having walked East across the National Gardens and heading down Irodou Attikou street)


Exhibits and stalls



Strawberry & Mountain Goat


Love Bug and Mountain Goat


Love Bug and Mad Dog


--- THE 10km ROAD RACE ---

The start of the race


TV Coverage of the race


On on!
The hard part of the run - 5km uphill

Passing the Hilton Hotel


Approsching the Megaron Moussikis


Passing the American Embassy


Heading towards the Athens Tower
(Mike's bar is located behind the tower. Anyone for a quick beer?)


Panoramic view - major junction ahead!


Approaching the Katehaki underpass - after which comes the turnaround point


View of the Calatrava pedestrian bridge at Katehaki


The Katehaki underpass


Percussion band play inside the underpass


Exiting the underpass


Runners in both directions

(Mad Dog stands on the median for this shot. How does he make such good running time?)


We have a Greek warrior in shining armour running with us.


Another view


Heading back and gently downhill


We run past the all-glass "Running Man" sculpture


Running down Vassilisis Sophias (Queen Sophia) Avenue & passing the military museum on the left


The sponsoring Wind mobile phone company counts the runners and will donate this money to a charity.


A bystander kindly takes a photo of Mad Dog as he approaches the finish.


Banner says Classic Marathon Athens


Rounding the bend leading to the stadium. Note all the spectators with their umbrellas.


Approaching the stadium entrance and the finish of the race


Almost there!


Entering the Panathinaikon stadium


Sadly few spectators this year due to the bad weather.

The childrens run (runners on the right) was finishing at this time also.


A rather wet Mad Dog poses with medal (photo taken by another runner)


A long wait to get over the footbridge. Just a small group at a time are let over.


View from the top of the footbridge -
on the way to the clothes storage and changing area.

It is lightly raining again by now .


The walk to Thiseio -
via the pedestrian walkway around the Acropolis -
for lunch at the James Joyce pub

View of the amazingly sheer walls of the Acropolis
and a view of the Choragic monument.

These monuments were allowed to be constructed by those wealthy
sponsors of early Greek theatre (the Chorus) in their own honour.

Isn't this just like Alpha Bank and Wind today sponsoring the Athens Marathon
and putting their names on everything? And why not? Everyone benefits?

From the plaque near the monument


Approaching the Acropolis Museum on the left


Another view of the sheer and almost impregnable walls of the Acropolis.
Not suprising they stored the ancient city's treasures up there.


Pedestals and statues stored and displayed at the base of the Acropolis & mostly unoticed


Nearing Thiseio


At the James Joyce pub

Irish Pub at Astiggos-12, Thiseio

An English-style Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding lunch


The head of a large glass of Kilkenny beer.

Are you feeling thirsty now ?


Athens Hashers relaxing after lunch.

Strawberry4Skin, Oxymoron (who walked from his house to join us), LoveBug & boyfriend,
Coke Dealer & next to her James Brown (out of the picture).



Our results for the 10km Road Race


(Enter BIB number only. The names are mixed-up & should be ignored for reading the timing results)

BIB          NAME                                      

25160    Dorothy Hatzopoulou     Start 01:41      5km 35:37     Finish 1:06:17          Actual time: 1:04:36            10k   

25161    Gurpal Grewal                        N/S

25162    Brian Kirman                      Start 03:53     1km   10:32  Finish  0:33:23          Actual time:  0:29:30           05k   

25163    Catherine Hooper             Start 00:44     5km   32:48   Finish 1:01:22           Actual time   1:00:38           10k

25164    Nigel Copage                    Start 01:27      5km   31:04   Finish 0:58:08           Actual time    0:56:41          10k

25165    Angelos Kilaidonis          Start 00:20      5km   33:54   Finish 1:04:57           Actual time    1:04:37          10k

25166    Tassos Ravanis                Start 04:05     5km    33:08  Finish  0:59:21          Actual time    0:55:16          10k

25168    Grigoris Kontidis                   N/S            

25169    Robert Horne                     Start 04:12    5km     42.15   Finish 1:16:58          Actual time   1:12:46           10k

25170    Yulia Kirilliova                    Start 04:06    5km     33:25  Finish 1:00:29           Actual time   0:56:23           10k

22740   Lisa Marston                       Start  01:21    5km    35:26  Finish 1:04:30           Actual time    1:03:09          10k

Our fastest runner : Rear Entry with 55:16





10km medal - front side



10 km medal - reverse side


Adidas Running Shirt (Enhanced 10km package - costing 35 euros)

This shirt is worth at least  20 euros.

Cap (Enhanced 10km package)


Bag (Enhanced 10km package)



10 km race package envelope for Bib, bag number & electronic timing chip



Electronic timing chip. This is tied by the lace to one running shoe.


Typical 10km runner's Bib



Kit Bag


Marathon program front cover


Stadium layout


Route of the 10km race (to Katehaki and back)



















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