(Northern Athens)

With an OnOn of a "A taste of India" themed lunch

Run 1760 (Sunday 6th November 2011)

Hare: Chooting Star

Photographer: Mad Dog

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- T H E     T R A I L -

The starting point & circle (P):   38° 1'38.20"N, 23°47'34.08"E

Altitude: 219 metres above sea level

Trail cartographic Length = 5.8 km

The trail taking-in the OAKA Olympic Stadium complex in Maroussi from 3.2 km up.

"P" marks Chooting Star's pad & start of run + circle


The trail from 8km up.


- T H E     P R E- R U N    C I R C L E -

...and we do.


Outside Chooting Star's pad


CS Tells us how he didn't have time to lay a trail as he was out boozing with some friends...
or something like that. But never mind, he was preparing a (last minute) meal for us.


- T H E     R U N -

The runners set off down the road - making up the trail as they went...
with a bit of direction from the hare - who took a taxi back to start cooking preparations.


We cross over Kifissias Avenue using the footbridge.


Just as well there is a footbridge!


Running past the Calatrava-designed main Olympic Stadium.


Running across the OAKA complex.


On On!


We stop to take a group photo


...and a couple more by the Calatrava-designed lake and walkway.




Inside the beautiful structure


Passing the Velodrome


Heading for the main OAKA entrance


Then a change of direction around the Velodrome


A quick stop at the outside Olympic pool


And exiting the complex to start our return


Another group pose with the stadium as background


Mountain Goat takes the photo


Passing the Hygia (meaning "health") hospital - just off Kifissias Ave.


- T H E     C I R C L E -

The traditional hare's down-down


The hasher's circle


A motorbike passes through the circle (we were taking up the whole road - and why not?)


Chooting Star


A bit of beer spillage from the hare.


Rim Job gets a latecomer's DIO


...and dances for joy (or maybe it's the thought of the upcoming exotic oriental meal)


Fair Cop & Clitoria


Clitoria with Kum Kwik and Mountain Goat


Rear Entry gets the FRB (Front Running Bastard) award


Virgin hashers (new boots as we call them) get called into the hashers circle


Just need to ask you virgin hashers 3 questions RA Fair Cop says


What was that question again?


Who made you come (today)?


Get it down, down, down - Tandy seems to be having trouble drinking the beer


Bouboulina is called into the circle


Mountain Goat calls the two Greek girl visitors into the circle


They enter into the spirit of things


Tandy shows off her gold trainers but has some competition from silver ones


They won't look like this after going through mud!


The punishment for new-looking trainers


We welcome Oxymoron even if he just turns up for the beer and food with Ada


- L U N C H   A T   C H O O T I N G  S T A R' S   P A D -


What's happening in the kitchen??


Chooting Star prepares delicious Indian Food


Too many cooks spoil the broth they say - but no soup, no problem !


Looks really fresh! The Ethiopian touch.


But is this some sort of vegetable abuse?


Hanging round the kitchen & the booze section is good fun. Cheers!


Getting in the party mood


The food is served and there is a rush to the table


Tucking-in to Indian and Ethiopian delicacies


Out comes CS's hubble bubble pipe or Hookah.
Also known as a water pipe. The tobacco smoked is referred to as shisha (sheesha)


Fair Cop samples the rose-scented smoke


CS's friend has a go - as do many others. Quite pleasant!


Love Bug's turn.

And then CS with other's help clears the coffee table & armchair out of the way to make room for dancing.


And what are they dancing to? Yes, a Hindi movie dance scene!
Doggie Style raves it up with the others.


Clitoria gets into the swing of things


Love Bug gets down too - encouraged by CS


Clitoria keeping the hookah going (or is it the other way round?)


Dancing with the hookah or just plain dancing


The hashers follow the dance on the hindi movie .

Our lovely Spy Shagger does a neat turn!


Really getting into it!!


Such dancing talent!!








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                                                                        MD Feb. 2006

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