Varibobi - Tatoi
(Northern Athens)

Run 1735 (Sunday 27th February 2011)

Hares: Chooting Star & Mountain Goat

Photographer: Mad Dog

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- T H E     T R A I L -

The starting point & circle (P):  38° 9'19.35"N,    23°47'30.07"E

Altitude: 444 metres above sea level

Trail cartographic Length = 4.2 km


The trail from 3.2 km up


The trail from 16.7 km up


- T H E     R U N -

The two hares Chooting Star & Mountain Goat -plus- Formosa Flyer (centre) -and- Mad Dog (photographer)

OK it's very cold this day & overcast & gloomy - but where is everybody?


Heading into the undergrowth


Hare Mountain Goat with his blue flour blob on a fallen tree trunk


We come to the first of the Royal Graves



Left: Aspasia - Princess of Greece.
Born in Athens 4/9/1896. Died in Venice 7/8/1972

Right: Alexandra - Queen of Yugoslavia, Princess of Greece, Princess of Denmark.
Born in Athens 25/3/1921. Died in London 30/1/1993


The second grave.



Left: Pavlos, King of Greece, Prince of Denmark
Born in Athens 14/12/1901. Died in Dekelia. Athens 8/3/1964

Right: Freideriki, Queen of Greece
Born in Blakenburg, Germany 18/04/1917, Died in Madrid 5/2/1984

NOTE: These are the parents of the present ex-king Constantine.


On towards grave three



Grave three

Marie, Princess Georgiou of Greece, Princess Bonaparte, Princess of Denmark
Born in St. Cloud 2/7/1882. Died St. Tropez 21/9/1962



Grave four

Georgios, Prince of Greece, Prince of Denmark, Commander of the Navy, Viceroy of Crete
Born in Corfu 24/6/1869. Died St. Cloud 26/11/1957

Quote from Psalm 23




Georgios II (B=2), King of Greece, Prince of Denmark






Formosa Flyer, Chooting Star & Mad Dog


Royal Greek mausoleum

Μαυσωλείο παλαιών βασιλιάδων της Ελλάδας στο Τατόϊ


Chooting Star, Mountain Goat & Formosa Flyer


Thick undergrowth in the Royal Forest


On On!


View of the Tatoi Royal Estate Police Station


View of the recently-contructed shelter and surrounds

(NOTE: The swings are off to the right)


Map of the area - showing the royal estate's geographical relationship to Mount Parnitha


On-down towards the main road ...and the BEER!


- T H E     C I R C L E -

The 2-hare's down-down


Guess who turned-up late and went on a walk by themselves?

Here's Clitoria returning after the circle was underway.


Down down for Clitoria


- T H E     T A V E R N A -

None this week - everyone too bloomin' cold...







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                                                                        MD Feb. 2006

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