(Northern Athens)

Run 1734 (Sunday 20th February 2011)

Hares: Love Bug & Coke Dealer

Photographer: Mad Dog

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- T H E     T R A I L -

The starting point & circle (P): 38° 8'16.51"N, 23°49'16.58"E

Altitude: 380 metres above sea level

Trail cartographic Length = 7.9 km


The parking area next to the farm


Showing the road (Leo. Krioneriou) leading to the parking area from Krioneri village.


The 'blondes' trail from 3.8km up (just about straight out and straight back)


View from 12.8km up showing the National Road (E75)


- T H E     P R E R U N -

Making new friends at the meeting point


Hiya cuddles!


Give us a kiss?


Meanwhile, back with the hashers Fair Cop calls the circle to order


Welcome ex-AH3 GM Budwanker - returnee visiting from the USA!

Also welcome Lost Property!

OK, step forward hares...


Oh dear, it's a "blondes" run. We're all in trouble!

Coke Dealer & Love Bug explain how they couldn't find any blue colouring for the flour,
how they laid part of the trail by car and maybe it's too long...
and how the rain washed out their white flour blobs, etc.etc.


While the circle is in progress a local shepherd comes by with his flock...


...and to our amusement his sheep all run into a neighbour's garden - so he has to shoo them out.


- T H E     R U N -

Budwanker leads the pack back from the first (but false or nonexistent) falsie


Mountain Goat leads on returning from the first true falsie


Love Bug and Black Mamba skirting round a large puddle


On down!


Budwanker showing surprising agility after
a night-out boozing.


The pack heads on down the track


Our two charming hares pose by their rain-washed check


The walkers strut their stuff!
L-to-R: Clitoria, Stress Cow, Lost Property & Bouboulina


Stopping for a breather in the woods


On On hashers!


We run through lovely green woodland


Another stop for a check and a quick group photo


Young harriette Alexandra does a great job of carrying and blowing the hash horn


Budwanker disappears into the undergrowth


The runners do a bit of uphill walking


Another lovely puddle left over from the previous night's heavy rain




Mad Dog holds up a fallen tree by it's roots


Finally the promised Champagne stop. The walkers have already finished a bottle or two!

Location:  38° 8'20.83"N, 23°48'54.68"E


KumKwik pops the cork off another champagne bottle and shoots a bird out of the tree above.

(Hamish McTavish in the foreground is already on his second bottle)


OK hashers, time to move on (some have already left)...


- T H E     C I R C L E -

Stress Cow and her little assistant prepare the down-down beers


Hamish now knocking back the beer. Is there no stopping him?


The hares down-down provides some good laughs


Coke Dealer takes her time


RA Fair Cop prepares to give another down-down


Latecomers Chooting Star & Sue


Rear Entry takes a swig too


The beer department is working hard


Here's your beer...


Budwanker gets his too...


Everyone's having fun


Love Bug is wanted in the circle so she slides down
from where she was taking photos and lands with a bang.


It's Love Bug's 75th run - so she gets her cloth badge and a beer.


"Didn't you have anything better to do than hashing?" we jokingly tell her.


Budwanker has brought some gifts for the hashers from the USA


A T-shirt for RA Fair Cop


A baseball for GM Mad Dog


Love Bug gets a special card


Rear Entry gets special "See behind" Spy sunglasses


The harriettes encourage Rear Entry to pose for the camera


A very 'cool' look!


Clitoria receives a special 'nodding' stand-up doll for her office desk at the embassy



That's going to give some laughs.


And finally a visitor badge to say thank you for her beer pouring work


- T H E     T A V E R N A -

The On On was a Curry Party at Coke Dealer's pad on Christou Lada Street in Kifissia

(Photos coming from Love Bug at some time....)







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                                                                        MD Feb. 2006

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