Kefalari - Mustang Stables
(Northern Athens)

Run 1732 (Sunday 6th February 2011)

Hare: Rear Entry

Photographer: Mad Dog

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- T H E     T R A I L -

The starting point & circle (P): 38° 4'30.63"N,  23°50'3.70"E

Altitude: 356 metres above sea level

Trail cartographic Length = 5.3 km

Parking and circle location

The trail

The trail from 9.5 km up

- T H E     R U N -

Hare Rear Entry describes the trail

Returning from the first falsie


The Mustang Stables and Clubhouse - sadly now abandoned and derelict


A more distant view of the buildings

Heading uphill to the radio station


>>>>> Panoramic view from near the radio station


Enlarged view showing the snow-capped peaks of Mount Parnitha

Runners meet walkers


This is what's left of the pine forest after the fire


Experimental tree plantings (Label says "Don't water the plants")

Roped-off planting area

The location of this planting can been seen as an orange square on the trail satellite view above.




>>>> Another Panoramic view showing a snowy Mount Parnitha in the distance

>>>>> Panoramic enlarged view of the mountain


Arrow shows the hashers running uphill


>>>>>Panoramic showing the Melissia Cemetary down below


>>>>>Panoramic from a higher perspective


Top of the hill

Early bloomer!


Heading up again

L-to-R: Rear Entry, Fair Cop, Coke Dealer & Mountain Goat


Runners stop for a group photo


Mad Dog too


Coke Dealer poses before we join the other hashers


- T H E     C I R C L E -

Hare Rear Entry gets graded by the hashers for his trail


Just what Rear Entry needs to quench his thirst on this warm day


Down it goes!


Clitoria keeps us amused


Clit's DIO


Latecomer Rim Job


Doggie Style is given a Doggie Stylist's card


Doggie Style proudly showing her card


RA Fair Cop continues with the circle proceedings


DIO's for not wearing hash gear
(Wet Dream, Coke Dealer & Don)


Formosa Flyer

He travels a lot on business so we don't see him often


Mad Dog, Clitoria & Rear Entry




RA Fair Cop


- T H E     T A V E R N A -

O Kypos (The Garden) Taverna on the main road through Kifissia.

They just-about managed to find chairs for us all.

Seems that due to the recession they now mostly do take-aways in the winter.

At first they said they only served white wine but later the rose magically appeared.





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                                                                        MD Feb. 2006

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