(Northern Athens)

Run 1722 (Sunday 28th November 2010)

Hare: Black Mamba

Photographer: Mad Dog

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- T H E     T R A I L -

The starting point & circle (P): 38° 5'5.16"N,  23°50'21.31"E

Altitude: 454 metres above sea level

Trail cartographic Length = 7.4 km

The trail from 2.8 km up

Altitude profile of trail

(Altitude range was 890m - 420m = 470 metres)

The trail from 6.00 km up


- T H E     R U N -

Hashers congregate before the run - but aren't two harriettes missing?


Ah! There they are - Bouboulina and sister Annie appear.


Off go the walkers - with Black Mamba following up at the rear


The trail leads past a disused marble crushing plant.

Marble is the raw material available on this (Pendeli) mountain.
It can be crushed for chips (for use in road surfacing or concrete) or dust (for plastering walls).


One of four loading bays for trucks.

(Note chutes for dumping the material into the rear a truck)


The runners are away!


Down a steep ramp


The hare Black Mamba poses at the top of the ramp


Here comes Rim Job


What goes down must go up again...


Chance for a view as the runners gain altitude


Panoramic view >>>> The disused plant can be seen on the far right >>>>>>>>


Going down!


Oh! Oh! A false trail.


Fair Cop prepares himself for take-off -
while discussing last-minute technical details with his co-pilot Rim Job :-)


On the road again.


This bit could do with re-surfacing


Panoramic view >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Black Mamba poses at one of his checks


Going up again


This looks like a challenge...


That's one hell of a steep path!


It never seems to end & nor does the leg pain.


Thankfully we reach the rough road - something finally flat.
Black Mamba is almost there.

The start & end of this slope is indicated by the red dots on the satellite image

Google-Earth measured slope is 228 m base, (685 - 602 = 83 m) vertical
Gives an average slope of (Arctan 83/228) = 20 degrees
It looked and felt a lot steeper than this.


After a short breather the runners set off again.


Fair Cop takes over the camera for a shot of Mad Dog


Heading down again towards an area of burnt-out forest


The trick is to avoid getting spiked by the dead branches


Panoramic view showning the extent of the area of burnt-out trees >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Fair Cop & Rim Job - and the On-In marked in blue flour on the road


Panoramic view showing the path that the walkers took >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Almost there - where a welcome beer is waiting on ice.


- T H E     C I R C L E -

Time to relax, have a beer and chat before the circle


Rime job reaches for a beer with STYLE


Thirsty Black Mamba sips his Amstel as he waits for the hare's down-down.


Just a quick check to see if there are any bugs floating in it :-)


The Dynamic Duo - Bouboulina & sister Annie


Mountain Goat dances & Kum Kwik and Clitoria join in.


Rim Job


There's no way Clitoria can keep quiet for long


She tells the Circle about Doggie Style's confrontation with a motor cyclist on the trail


Doggie Style gets a down-down


Get it down-down-down


Rear Entry


RA Fair Cop enjoys the proceedings


Appropriate gestures from the hashers


- T H E     T A V E R N A -

Only FC & WD > Loutsa




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                                                                        MD Feb. 2006

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