Ano Melissia
(Northern Athens)

Run 1704 (Monday 26th July 2010)

Hare: Mad Dog

Photographer: Mad Dog   


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- T H E     T R A I L -

The lat/lon coordinates of the starting point & circle: 38° 3'53.97"N, 23°50'31.57"E     

Altitude: 356 metres above sea level

Trail cartographic Length = 5.5 km

The trail (from 2.6 km up)


The trail (from 15.2 km up)


Altitude graph for the run (vertical range 475 - 350 = 125 metres)


- T H E     R U N -

Who was late & is seen here changing in his car?


Hashers gather by the Ano Melissia outdoor theatre


OK where are the blobs of flour marking the trail?

Sorry runners, today's heavy rainstorms seem to have washed them away?


Heading for dem dere hills


Oops, sorry hashers. This part of the trail was a dry riverbed yesterday.


Now what? Stress Cow ponders about the way across.


Stress Cow poses by the stream.

Note the water is stained brown with earth.
Since the forest fire here, the topsoil is washing off the hillsides.


Walking alongside the stream (the dryer option)
(The trail went along the middle of the river bed)


Crossing further upstream


The trail takes the hashers to a path leading to what was once lovely woodland


The trail leads across a fallen tree spanning the stream


Pea Shooter takes his turn to cross


Mountain Goat crosses back across the stream on the second fallen tree


The trail continues along by the river bed


Panoramic view panning round to the main peak of Mount Pendeli (1087 metres)


Reforestation effort (small pine trees + irrigation pipes) on the hillsides


The runners get a chance to stretch their legs


More evidence of the storm earlier in the day


Mad Dog says "how about that for a puddle?"


Panoramic view - decision time - easy way back or up and over the next hill.

Stress cow sensibly chooses down rather than up & we arrange to meet her at the bottom.


View of Mount Pendeli as the setting sun illuminates the peak


Panoramic view with setting sun - On On you bastards >>>>


An artistic "blow-up" from the last photo

(No applause required! Just send cheques and cash to the Mad Dog beer fund @..........)


On the way down - stepping over burnt logs and branches that have
been pegged-down after the last fire to reduce topsoil erosion.


Roughly translates to "Drunk hashers are strongly
advised not to drive along this bit of road"


Can this be Stress Cow actually running to join us?


Notice says - It is forbidden for animals to use this grass area.
Better move on hashers!


- T H E     C I R C L E -

Circle get underway on the grass next to the outdoor theatre


Clitoria - self portrait
(See what happens when you give her a camera to hold!)


Clitoria takes a shot of Mountain Goat


The hare's DIO


Mountain Goat - a latecomer DIO


Our visitor & virgin hasher Brent (Pea Shooter's brother visiting
from Austin, Texas) sportily demonstrates 'Shot gunning' a beer


Down it goes! You just have to open your throat and
let the beer pour down as there's no stopping it!


Scrubber gets one for not using Clitoria's hash name in the circle


DIO's for the First Back offense - apparently a tie between Black Mamba
and Mountain Goat


Stress Cow


Clitoria (as Virgin Inspector) checks out our virgin hasher and asks the 1,2,3 ... &
Oh - Mountain Goat wants the dreaded 4th question


A very inventive answer to the last question. Bravo!


Kum Kwik adds in his interpretation


DIO for the virgin hasher


- T H E     O N - O N -


BBQ time at Mad Dog & Doggie Style's kennels - just up the road from the open-air theatre.








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                                                                        MD Feb. 2006

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