(North East of Athens)

Run 1704 (Monday 19th July 2010)

Hare: Fair Cop

Photographer: Mad Dog


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- T H E     T R A I L -

The lat/lon coordinates of the starting point & circle: 37°58'55.47"N, 23°52'22.62"E     

Altitude: 162 metres above sea level

Trail cartographic Length = 7.4 km

Meeting point & Circle location


GPS recording of the trail we ran with the hare (as seen from 2.6 km up).

Who knows where those hashers that lost the trail went and how far they ran?


Trail as seen from 26 km up


- T H E     R U N -

Holy cow ! An appropriate hashers meeting place - opposite a convent?


And a church.


And off go the hashers - running alongside the convent walls


Are we going to have a paintball stop?


Hello! That billboard looks a bit empty.


That's one huge and expensive structure to be laying idle.
It was designed to be seen from the Attiki Odos motorway.
Coke Dealer kindly models to show the scale.


More empty billboards in the distance and all along the motorway.
The 2004 (Olympic Games) law on advertising boards is finally being enforced.


We run through a vineyard. The white grapes are developing well.


Coke Dealer hopefully samples a grape. Yuk! it's still unripe and sour!


We come to one of Fair Cop's graded-colour checks made with his hashmatic


Coke Dealer poses in another vineyard. This is wine country.


Checking under a bridge on the Attiki Odos motorway .... No, not that way!


It's this way! Much more interesting. Fair Cop shows the way.


Inside the tunnel leading under the motorway.


We run through another vineyard. The sun is getting low now and catches the camera lens.


OnOn! Black Mamba followed by Mountain Goat


Fiery Tw*t catches up from a detour round the walled block in the background.
Why she went that way only she knows...


Back under the motorway through another tunnel. This is fun.


This tunnel has water flowing through it and we get wet feet.


OnOn! past more vineyards.


Panoramic view showing the Holiday Inn and the well-designed bridge over the motorway on the way to the airport.


Coke Dealer - yes, that's a steep hill we have to climb but it's not that bad. No need to run away!


Mad Dog thinks "maybe she's right!"


The earth is very soft and it's hard going.


Should have known it was a falsie.


Another panoramic view showing the surrounding green countryside and the Holiday Inn in the background.


Coke Dealer makes friends with some dogs.


They decide to follow her.


The Municipality of Paiania.


The hare Fair Cop with Coke Dealer and sign pointing to Paiania


That way to the motorway...


We cross a bridge built across a huge cement channel.


Looking the other way we see cement walls dividing the channel on the bend.


Good spot to catch some breath.


We run alongside the channel which has been provided with a safety fence and barrier.
Some serious money has gone into building this.


Another of those fancy Fair Cop checks.


Huge dividing walls run down the channel.
This is designed to take and control an awful lot of fast-flowing water.


OK It means the end of the run is (maybe) near.......


Or maybe not?
(Someone made a lot of money suppling all this cement!!!)
Note the foothills of Mount Immitos in the background.


AHH! Two channels merge into one. These must be runoff channels from Mount Immitos. That would explain the whole channel system as a heavy rainstorm would produce a huge amount of water from the mountain.


The merging channels and main channel with dividers as seen from 760 metres above.


Finally we arrive back at the convent. The nuns must have been thrilled - not.


- T H E     C I R C L E -

The hare's down-down


OK, stop messing about and get it down.


There you go!


A DIO for Black Mamba, Fiery Tw*t and Mountain Goat for getting lost
on the trail and missing out on that splendid cement channel at the end of the run!

We were almost going to set out and look for them - OK maybe not.

A well deserved punishment.


A DIO for Mad Dog for being so interested in cement channels (and for having a bad hair day)


Ahh! Liquid needed replacing it appears.


A DIO for Fiery - probably for some obscure reason


Another thirst quenched. See, this hashing circle tradition has a good solid purpose!


And one for Coke Dealer - was that for a canine offense?

- T H E     T A V E R N A -

None this hash.







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                                                                        MD Feb. 2006

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