Batsi - Island of Andros
(The most northerly of the Cyclades islands)

Friday 28th May 2010


Hare: Shunt

Photos & captions: Prickly Bush


The Full Moon Hash circle


Shunt explains the Norfolk hash rules


First thing is to try and make the flour blend into the surroundings


The hashers are looooking


Sherlock Holmes aka Beeb Beeb is on the case




The Navy has been sent to Andros to keep the hashers in check.


Where next?


Black Mamba.






Bugger this, no flour. Let's go for a beer


A coy demure Clitoria


Shunt the hare


Hamish McTavish Esquire the Full Moon GM


Put a sock in it Hamish.


Fair Cop has nodded off


A DIO for Bouboulina


Don and Myrto




Mad Dog and Don share a DIO


Returnee Pink Jenny


...and yet more returnees


Clitoria listens to virgin hasher Eliza's answer to the vital 4th question


Fair Cop and Mad Dog seem pleased with the answer


In fact, it must be Fair Cop's favourite also


Hashers chat


The Hon Sex looking for trouble


Anyone for sex?









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