Batsi - Island of Andros
(The most northerly of the Cyclades islands)

Friday 28th May 2010


Hare: Shunt

Photographer: Mad Dog


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- T H E     T R A I L -

The lat/lon coordinates of the starting point & circle (Elpida Studios):

37°51'24.32"N, 24°46'41.20"E     

Altitude:16 metres above sea level

Trail cartographic Length = 3.2 km


The island of Andros - just south-west of the island of Evia


The trail starting from the Elpida studios where we all stayed.


- T H E   F E R R Y   T O   A N D R O S -

Ferry Schedules from: (Greek Travel Pages)
Ferry for Andros (port of Gavrio) departs from the port of Rafina
A ticket agent at Rafina port: Nick Haralabopoulos - Tel: 22940-25325 & 22112

A ticket agent at Gavrio port, Andros: Navtikes (Bath) agency - Tel: 22820-22257, 71489

Inside the High-Speed-I Catamaran


Mad Dog on the stern


The propeller wash from the powerful engines


Approaching the jetty at Gavrio - the port of the Island of Andros


- T H E     R U N -

The runners & walkers set off from Elpida Studios


A falsie on the peninsular just outside the hotel


And up onto the peninsula scrub


Panoramic view of the town of Batsi from the peninsula


One of many long flights of steps on the hillsides around Batsi


Heading for the hills


Our first view of the traditional cycladic stone wall construction


The hare Shunt and one of his checks


"Can I join the hash?"


On up!


Panoramic view of the west end of the main beach area



The sunbathers have returned to their hotels


Shunt's blob of coloured flour on an abandoned sand castle


The On In (abbreviated version)


Black Mamba & Prickly Bush catch their breath at the end of the run


- T H E     B A R B E Q U E -


Fair Cop giving a blow job to the charcoal


Clitoria relaxing with a drink


Beep Beep cooking the sausages


Hamish getting things organised


The fish & prawns are cooking nicely


Hungry hashers line up for the meal that Hamish has organised & produced


Candlelight helps illuminate the food


And so does the Full Moon just rising in the sky


Hamish takes a well-deserved rest







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                                                                        MD Feb. 2006

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