Mount Pendeli
(Northern Athens)

Run 1692 (Sunday 9th May 2010)

Hare: Mad Dog

Photographers: Prickly Bush & some from Mad Dog



NOTE: Use the horizontal scroll bar (bottom of screen) to view the panoramic photos.

- T H E     T R A I L -

The lat/lon coordinates of the starting point & circle: 38° 3'34.95"N, 23°53'22.68"E     

Altitude: 670 metres above sea level

Runners trail cartographic Length = 4.8 km

Walker trail cartographic Length = 1.00 km

Note: Cartographic length is like a plan view & does not
take into account the extra distance travelled due to the inclines.


The runner's trail

The runner's trail - altitude profile (> 200 metres range)


Walker's trail - up to the old marble quarry & beyond

Walker's trail - altitude profile ( > 60 metres range)



The GM calls the circle to order


Mad Dog the hare


The pre-circle


And they're off







Rear Entry offers help on a difficult descent


Mad Dog on a check


A view over Athens


On down


A wry smile from the hare. Perhaps the hounds are on a falsie


Only a few hashers waited at the view point


>>>>>Scroll Right>>>>>    Panoramic view from the viewpoint


Mountain flowers somehow surviving


Let's go this way


>>>>>> SCROLL RIGHT >>>>> Panoramic view - Note valley on left down which a small stream ran (see following pics)


Suprising presence of a stream & green vegetation located between the dry mountainsides

LOCATION:   38° 3'2.07"N, 23°53'16.10"E


Sparkling miniature waterfalls serenade the valley with their soft sounds


Tadpoles swim freely and unthreatened in the clear water....until...


The best place to be on a hot day


Further upstream rushes are growing & concealing the location of noisy nesting waterfowl


Wild flowers flourish here


Hashers at the oasis.


>>>>>>>>>>>>>SCROLL RIGHT>>>>>>>>> Panoramic view looking back at the valley




On up the dried out gorge


and more up


...and then some more


Black Mamba leads the way


Exhausted hashers take a breather



The circle


Clitoria strikes a pose


Clitoria saw a different kind of hare on the walk


A DIO for the Hare


Stress Cow tied in knots


Stress Cow hops in to the circle


Returnees Formosa Flyer and Stress Cow share a DIO


Flyer Rear Entry


Mountain Goat flying for Rear Entry


Who didn't wait at the view point


Clitoria has a quiet word with Napoleon Boney Part


Napoleon resists Clitoria's advances


Time to say au revoir to the Frenchies


Napoleon is awarded his 50 run badge and the first of the new mugs


Rim Job takes evasive action from Clitoria's onslaught


The Frenchies admire their leaving present........


... along with other hashers


Next weeks hare, Rear Entry



Clitoria holds court
















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                                                                        MD Feb. 2006

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