(Pronounced Halkitha)
(Many Km North of Athens)

Run 1690 (Sunday 25th April 2010)

Hare: Napoleon's Bony Part

Photographer: Prickly Bush & MD

- T H E     T R A I L -

The lat/lon coordinates of the starting point & circle: 38°28'38.36"N, 23°34'50.27"E     

Altitude: 37 metres above sea level

Trail cartographic Length = 6.9 km

The trail from 3.4 Km up. The "P" shows the location of the hare's house where we all parked.

...and from 21 Km up


...and even highter at 257 km - showing the whole island of Evia


View of the Castle and fortification walls that were put under seige by the Athens Hashers


- T H E     V E N U E -

Arriving at NBP & CC's house


Some hashers are already here


Panoramic view of the sea from the garden >>>>> Scroll right >>>>


Coffee, snacks etc available & served before the run


Charcoal for roasting the joints of lamb already lit.


The hash is hosted by Les Frenchies at Halkida


Chatting over coffee and cakes

- T H E     R U N -

Napoleon's Boney Part, the hare


The first of many checks


Fair Cop fired up by the intake of caffeine


Napoleon and Mad Dog lagging behind. Too many cakes no doubt.


Hanging around on a check


Mountain Goat checking


Fair Cop posing


Mad Dog and Napoleon still suffering from an overdose of cakes while others check


Napoleon's Boney Part


Mountain Goat heads uphill


Where's the blue?


Halkida hashers minus Mountain Goat.

(Invading the Castle)


Mad Dog scouting for intruders


Napoleon presents Prickly Bush with a bucket of flowers


Patrolling the defences of Halkida Castle


Hashers wait while others check


Sunday morning promenade along the seafront


Still a long way for the ON IN



Mountain Goat and Gilles check the lamb


- T H E     C I R C L E -

Coffee Crepe prepares the Down down bar


This must be the best ever hash bar


Mountain Goat and Wet Dream


The circle


The hare recieves an astounding score of 6.9


A DIO for a flying Fair Cop


Well done Prickly Bush. 100 runs


A DIO for the chef



A joint DIO for Mad Dog, Doggie Style, Bouboulina and Mountain Goat


Au revoir Coffee Crepe and Napolean's Boney Part


A joke from Mountain Goat



The hashers get stuck into drink and nibbles of frois gras, pate, egg thingies and lots more


Shag and Mountain Goat


Cous cous and coq au vin


Napoleon commands the table.






Kitty kindly eats Prickly's carrots


Panna cotta, strawberries and cake


Fair Cop



Payback time


View from Les Frenchies jardin


Mountain Goat weary from a tremendous hash...
...too much good food and maybe one glass of water too many.







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                                                                        MD Feb. 2006

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