Marathonos Ave
Taj Mahal Restaurant
(North East of Athens)

Run 1689 (Sunday 18th April 2010)

Hare: Fair Cop

Photographers:Prickly Bush + Mad Dog


- T H E     T R A I L -

The lat/lon coordinates of the starting point & circle: 38° 6'59.42"N, 23°58'38.94"E     

Altitude: 8 metres above sea level

Initial air temperature (11.00 hrs) = 16 deg.C

Trail cartographic Length = 8.4 km


The trail from 3.5 km altitude


Hashers parking and circle location in the car park for the Tomb of the Athenians.

The Battle of Marathon

In September of 490 BC a Persian armada of 600 ships disgorged an invasion force of more than 20,000 infantry and cavalry on the Plain of Marathon. The Athenian army engaged with them and an estimated 6,400 Persians were slaughtered while only 192 Greeks were killed.

The Tomb of the Athenians is the most important monument of the Marathon area. It is a hill  50 metres in diameter and 9 metres high, covering the 192 Athenians that died fighting against the Persians.

Although it was customary to bury war casualties in the Kerameikos cemetery in Athens, the 192 Athenian dead from this astonishing victory were cremated and buried together in the mound that still stands on the battlefield. When the Athenian mound was excavated in the late 19th century, quantities of ashes and burned bones were found.


The trail from 25km altitude -
Showing Mount Pendeli to the left and the islands of Stira and Evia on the right.


- T H E     R U N -

The hare points out a magnificent herd a roaming wildebeest


The hare Fair Cop


Napoleon's Boney Part impersonates Mr Bean


Pretty boys


Watering the trail


Napoleon leads the hashers downhill


Maniella powering on


Who's checking


This hash is rubbish


Sea views


A refreshing beer stop



One of the Greek generals - Miltiades - made a passionate plea for boldness and convinced his fellow generals to attack the Persians.


Group photo round the statue of Miltiades


More posing!


- T H E     C I R C L E -

The hare's DIO.
Note the pottery mug. The hare forgot to bring the hash tankards


Clitoria tells of misdemeanors on the walkers trail


A DIO for Kum Kwik


Guilty of watering the trail


Napoleon and Maniella share a DIO


The circle


Spanish Fly's last Athens Hash before leaving for Holland


She is absolutely delighted to be presented with a set of books.
So heavy she can barely lift them.

Additionally a poem written for her by BOD was read out to her.


The content of the books will be useful to her in Holland.


- T H E     R E S T A U R A N T -

Location of the Taj Mahal restaurant


Doggie Style outside the Taj Mahal.


Coffee Crepe and Napoleon's Boney Part at the Curry House


Shiva in Miltiades pose


Indian themes


Hashers enjoying the indian food


Seen from the other end of the table













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