Syngrou Park
(Northern Athens)

Run 1685 (Sunday 21st March 2010)

Misorganised by the Athens Hash

1-Mile walk ( 1 miles = 1.61 kilometers )

3-Mile run ( 3 miles = 4.82 kilometers)

Prickly Bush & Mad Dog (3-Mile),
Clitoria & Spanish Fly (1-Mile)

Prickly Bush & Mad Dog

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- T H E     T R A I L -

The lat/lon coordinates of the starting point & circle:
38° 3'53.68"N, 23°48'45.99"E

Altitude: 292 metres above sea level

Route of the 3-Mile run


Route of the 1-Mile walk


Preparation work: Laminating & stringing signs


Making the display stand


Preparing the Sport Relief Banner


Raising the banner


Tables & chairs, displays and refreshments set up


Panoramic: Hashers and visitors arriving


Gathering runners


Hash Cash hard at work registering entrants


Hash Cash


Panoramic: The British Ambassador gives a short speech before starting the run


The British Ambassador, Dr David Landsman starts the Sport Relief Run


The run begins








Clitoria and Mad Dog enjoy the walk


Spanish Fly on traffic duties



Having fun on the way - Prickly Bush & Clitoria


Walkers Doggie Style, Clitoria & Bouboulina


Walking through the scenic woodland of the park



First back from the 1 mile run.


Walkers finishing


Cordelia first runner back from the 3 mile run


Closely followed by Pavlos.


Coke Dealer and Rim Job.


Luke, the youngest runner on the 3 mile route




Black Mamba


Simon and Lauren at the finish line


Imogen finished the run in spite of a knee injury


The circle


Mad Dog, the hare


Clitoria and Spanish Fly prepare to draw the raffle


Winner of one of the raffle prizes


Coke Dealer




A DIO for Robert


Manniella from Austria via the Hague - receives an AH3 visitor's badge


Virgin hashers


Luke from Oz.


Cathy from New York


Lauren from London


Clitoria receives a DIO for gross mismanagement of the event






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