(North-Western Athens)

Run 1682 (Sunday 28th February 2010)

Hare: Mountain Goat

Mountain Goat 800 Runs
    (A couple of weeks or so delayed)  

Photographer: Mad Dog

First, a bit of Athens Hashing history -
Mountain Goat's 500th run - 30th July 2000
- we presented him with a young goat.

- T H E     T R A I L -

The lat/lon coordinates of the starting point & circle: 38° 8'38.22"N, 23°47'37.63"E     

Altitude: 416 metres above sea level

Trail cartographic Length = 8.94 (i.e. 9.00) km

The trail from 3.00 km altitude


The trail from 23.00 km altitude


- T H E     R U N -

The hare Mountain Goat misdirects the pack


The walkers set off into the unknown


And the runners go their own way


Mountain Goat checking for stray hashers (seen from the wooden firewatch tower)


Running along pine-tree lined paths


Black Mamba returns from checking up the steep hillside


Spring flowers - very early this year


Prickly Bush navigates a prickly pathway


Crossing a small stream


Rim Job steps across


Yannis (John) closely followed by Yourgos (George) & Shampoo George


Hazard - A small waterfall in a deep riverbed - next to the path


Shampoo George, Mountain Goat & Yourgos


Yes, guys - the trail goes up the hill


Wading through a small stream


A nice looking dog?


...But not very friendly


Spring flowers (Camomile)


Challenging paths through the undergrowth


A clearing at last!
Rim Job has fun with the hash horn


Back into the woods


Coming to another check


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Panoramic view of an overgrown river bed


It's time Yougos bought a new hash T-shirt


Prickly Bush enjoys the carpet of early spring flowers


Wild beauty!


- T H E     C I R C L E -

Hamish's present for Mad Dog's 65th birthday...
(Shared out and drunk in the circle)


A bottle of sweet Muscat wine bottled 65 years ago.

Hamish told Mad Dog about the history of this wine. He said:

The story of the wine is quite interesting. Over 15 years ago GORBY decided Russia needed foreign money, so he got Sothebys to auction valuables such as icons and also wine. Sothebys held 2 wine auctions - the first was incredible - the catalogue was a masterpiece of explanation about the wine - and the prices fetched were huge.

I remember bidding for I think 2 lots - maybe 500 UK pounds  each. They fetched way over 2000 pounds each.  Some lots fetched as high as 5000 pounds. People bid from all over the world. Remember, I bid from Sydney, Australia.

Then some months later the second auction - wine not quite as good - so I bid for three lots - 2 of a dozen and 1 of three and got all three lots - and much cheaper than the first auction. So I still have some of both dozens - kept in my Essex mates garage which I drink every so often.

Obviously wines of that age must have residual sugar otherwise they would be too acidic and undrinkable - so reckon that one will still last for many years so maybe another on your 90th !!!!! 

More info:

The vineyard was owned by the CZAR so until the end in 1918 all bottles had just under their neck, in glass the Russian imperial eagle. So that obviously excited bidders for the first auction as so many bottles had the emblem.
Bidders evidently were from all over. I was tiold South america bought quite a LOT. I know many vineyards in OZ bought the wine as I was then told about the various times they drank it - obviously at special functions where they could compare their thoughts about it.
It really brought to the world the incredible standard of these wines and I know the  cellars at Massandra in the Crimea still  have 1000s of old bottles. Evidently it is one of the worlds most incredible collections.


- T H E     T A V E R N A -

Very near the Greek Air-Force entrance to the Tatoi airport.

A bit of a shack but cheap.




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                                                                        MD Feb. 2006

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