(Northern Athens)

....With an incursion into Maroussi territory

Run 1617 (Sunday 14th December 2008)

Hare: Scarlet Pimp & Clitoria

Photographer: Mad Dog


- T H E     T R A I L -

The starting point & circle (P):
Latitude 38 03' 20.11'' North
Longitude 23 49' 49.22'' East
Altitude: 289 metres above sea level

Trail cartographic Length = 5.9 km

The trail from 2.8 Km up

The TUNNEL we ran through was about 160 metres long & it's far end located at 38 02' 52.00'' N, 23 50' 01.70'' E
(350m south along and just off Zoodochou Pigis - the back road from Dimokratias, the Melissia high street - to Sismanogliou hospital)

The other tunnel (+ derelict house) we saw was located at 38 03' 07.09'' N, 23 49' 25.75'' E  
(Just 175m due South of the U-bend over the bridge on Odos Pendelis - the road leading up from Leoforos Kifissias to Melissia)


- T H E     R U N -

Doggie Style & Clitoria

Hashers entering the tunnel (carrying torches / flashlights)


Fair Cop with Absolut


Stress Cow ventures into the darkness


The tunnel was pitch-black at this point - except for light from torches.
The camera flash lit up the tunnel.


Group photo in the tunnel


On on.....into the unknown....
(This tunnel channels water running off Mount Pendeli and is not the place to be
during and after a heavy rainstorm!!)


Emerging from the darkness


The tunnel exit


Absolut & Coke Dealer pose with a parked Corvette


Back street with Mount Pendeli in the background


Ian joins Santa Claus climbing up to a balcony


Down into the river bed


The tunnel we didn't run through (maybe another time)


Standing on the roof of the tunnel - View of rocks in the river bed


A fishing boat stripped of it's paint (a fisherman's winter project?)


Arriving back at the starting point


- T H E     C I R C L E -

The hares DIO's - Clitoria & Scarlet Pimp



View of the circle


Get it down!
Scarlet imitates Clitoria's stance (he's asking for it!)


Mountain Goat & Absolut in the circle


Award time - Spy Shagger's receives her 50th run badge



Hashers shamed and punished for not wearing hash gear


"Orangeboom, Orangeboom - It's a beer and not a tune" - or something like that!


Oxymoron gets the Oxymoron memorial down-down for being late again


Clitoria takes charge....


And awards RA Fair Cop his 150 run badge (after washing it in his beer)


Mi mi mi mi - FU


Spy Shagger & Bouboulina pose as hashers prepare to leave for
lunch at the hosted On on.



Picture frame pose
Clitoria, Absolut, Coke Dealer & Doggie Style


Hash Christmas Tree
(Shouldn't there be bottles of beer hanging on it?)


Hashers wait patiently for the food to warm


Collection of HHH cups and tankards


Clitoria stirs the rice


The chilli (hot and mild) is almost ready


Time for some wine


Time to eat!!


Doggy Style enjoys her lunch (and later goes back for seconds)


Cook The Fook brought a delicious trifle


Time for dessert - Trifle, Galactobouriko
& delicious Brownies baked by Bouboulina







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                                                                        MD Feb. 2006

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