Athens Marathon 
10 Km Run
(Marble Stadium - Central Athens)

Run 1612 (Sunday 9th November 2008)

Nominated proxy hare: Scarlet Pimp

Photographers: Doggie Style and Rear Entry

(See bottom of page for hasher's results)


The Acropolis from the Marble Stadium (the starting point for the 10Km run)


Yourdanka pins on her official Bib number
& Fiery Tw*t sticks her adhesive-backed number to her kit (clothes storage) bag



Chaos as runners try to enter the stadium to store their kit bags while those that have
already stored theirs try to exit the stadium for the start of the run.


Meanwhile other runners gather at the starting point


Doggie Style with Maximus Pooh and Spy Shagger at the stadium entrance


The runners lined up at the start & waiting for starting orders


And the front runners are away!
(The hashers are some way behind this energetic lot)


The brass band strikes-up in the stadium


Award ceremony for the winner of the "special" runners


The first 10Km runners arrive at the finish


The 10Km winner holds up his cup


The 10Km winner's award ceremony.
(None of our hashers will be seen here since hashing
is participative but essentially non-competitive)


Later, Mad Dog & Black Mamba appear (centre)


...And jog past the video screen (left)


Rear Entry - the third hasher back to the stadium (time : 53:08)
-after Yuliya (53:06) and Ioannis (53:07)


Yordanka (centre), Spy Shagger (right).


Herpes (a new hasher from the Geneva hash) , Cock's Tale, Bouboulina, Coke Dealer


Group photo of Athens hashers with their 10 Km medals.


Stand-in RA Mad Dog opens the circle (just outside the stadium entrance)


The circle continues


Yordanka gets a down-down for coming in last


Offenses on trail:
Mad Dog awards himself a DIO for using the loo at the 5 Km station.


We welcome two virgin hashers


After the circle........

The winners of the full 43Km Marathon -
two Kenyan runners and in third place, an Ethiopian runner.


Waiting for more full Marathon runners to arrive.


They arrive one by one.


Pigeons in the National Park - on the walk back to Syntagma metro station

And On-On to The James Joyce pub for lunch and more beer.


2008 Athens Classic Marathon:
10km Results for Athens Hashers

17572 KIRILLOVA YULIYA Start: 01:19 5km: 29:47 Finish: 54:25 NET: 53:06
11303 VEVES IOANNIS Start: 01:19 5km: 29:47 Finish: 54:26 NET: 53:07
11310 RAVANIS TASSOS Start: 00:11 5km: 27:59 Finish: 53:19 NET: 53:08
11312 PREEN RICHARD Start: 01:13 5km: 29:16 Finish: 54:26 NET: 53:13
11305 COPAGE NIGEL Start: 00:09 5km: 28:14 Finish: 54:10 NET: 54:01
17570 PROUS ELSA Start: 01:00 5km: 30:11 Finish: 56:13 NET:  55:13
17569 COPAGE WENDY Start: 01:07 5km: 30:26 Finish: 56:46 NET: 55:39
11307 WILLMER NIGEL Start: 01:24 5km: 33:16 Finish: 1:02:11 NET: 1:00:47
11306 FOX VICKI Start: 01:01 5km: 32:42 Finish: 1:03:00 NET: 1:01:59
17571 KAFKALA MARGARITA Start: 01:08 5km: 33:58 Finish: 1:04:55 NET: 1:03:47
17573 MARSTON LISA Start: 01:47 5km: 37:15 Finish: 1:07:31 NET: 1:05:44
10004 ISHERWOOD ANDREW Start: 01:48 5km: 38:14 Finish: 1:10:47 NET: 1:08:59
11302 HORNE ROBERT Start: 01:48 5km: 37:34 Finish: 1:10:48 NET: 1:09:00
17568 PEREIRA YORDANKA Start: 00:11 5km: 39:35 Finish: 1:13:39 NET: 1:13:28

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Results from the 2008 10K Marathon are available at:







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