Our Hashers were lured to this event by the following notice posted by our old-time member
Hamish McTavish Esq. (a well know connoisseur of any wine available) in the weekly AH3 Hash Trash:

Evharis Estate has its open day on Sunday September 14th  and for 15 euro you get: 

 * Buffet Meal 
 * As much wine as you wish to drink 
 * Wine stomping with your feet 
 * Greek Dancers

It starts at about 11.30 am and finishes around 4.30 pm 
Location is about 15 k inland from Megara and signposted all the way 

So they set off in their cars with excitement at the prospect of stamping the life out of some
unsuspecting bunch of grapes and while developing a thirst and appetite in
anticipation of yet another alcoholic extravaganza.


Photos & captions by Cook The Fook


All very tranquil...on arrival (but not for long)


Wine in the casks.... (but not for long)


...and nice stainless steel containers.


They said we had to drink all this before we could go home (no problemo!)


What a winery!


Any guesses who these feet belong to?


............and these?


Could be anybody?


Any idea yet


Yes it's the one and only Clitoria MBE complete with sidekick Scarlet Pimpernickers


Make sure they are really clean, old boy


Hamish McTavish and chauffeur


What a serious bunch! Well, it is quite a responsibility, all this wine tasting


This is what the freshly pressed grape juice looks like after Hamish has trodden on it.
Hopefully there will be room for improvement.


Squeezing the last drops out of the grapes


This is where the grapes are squidged


Resting after all the work


Now we are eating grapes as a put-off before luncheon


Hamish says he has washed his feet, but I leave it up to you to decide.







Another crap page construction by Mad Dog,



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                                                                        MD Feb. 2006

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