(West of Athens)

Run 1602 (Monday 8th September 2008)

Hare: The Bookmaker

Photos & captions:
Cook The Fook


- T H E     T R A I L -

The starting point & circle:
Latitude 37°58'10.86" North
Longitude 23°56'19.79" East
Altitude: 80 metres above sea level


- B E F O R E  T H E   R U N -

Hashers gather for the start of the run


Returnee Yiannis introduces himself to to Blow Interest No Principles


Is this Pink Jenny's replacement?
She is called Julia and comes from Kazakhstan or somewhere near there.


Fiery Twat waits to start

Wet Dream and Bride of Derekula, deep in conversation - as usual


It's so long since we've seen any of these!


Fiery Twat asks Blow Interest No Principles about her shorts
-and does she know she has had the decorators in?


A little bottom wiggle - now she's just showing off


- T H E     C I R C L E -

Floppy Dick tell us all about the London Hash
- and how they make you drink 3 pints of Guinness before you run

Virgin Hasher Alex is from Cardiff University.
Well, there's lovely, and not a leek in sight


The Bookmaker is the hare


Teetotal, so Adam's Ale for him


Cook the Fook and Fair Cop are short cutting Bastards yet again.
They should really set an example.


Another shortcutter, but he got lost and had to return to the pack.
Poor Mountain Goat.


Gosh, all these visitors and virgins - They nearly outnumber us.


From the US of A, Gay's OK and Blow Interest No Principles.
We know how to make visitors feel welcome.


DIOs for name-dropping, or forgetting..... or something like that.


Returnee Yiannis has been missing since the eighties.
He must have been on a long Bookmaker run.


Gets Around bleeding without permission


Mountain Goat tells everyone so..... we need no excuses to sing the flying club song


Meningitis has to suffer for being last.
Not that there's any competitiveness in the Hash....


What's this - A hasher being run over?


No, just Meningitis trying to shag the Pussy Mobile


...and now from a different position


Oxymoron, late as usual, but now we are going to make his teeth meet


Three euros for the Hash he's missed but a further 50 euros for the Island weekend


And of course the Oxymoron Memorial down-down followed by


A Max Bygraves impersonation of You need hands


Now he gets some change but that doesn't stop him whinging about paying
-He'll even go on whinging at the taverna.


The Bookmaker gives young Meningitis an early bath for trying to mount Oxymoron


Do you think the water has cooled his ardour


Our visitor Gets Around gets a quick cuddle from Oxymoron
-while the rest of us hope he not going to do the same to us.







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