(Northern Athens)

Run 1599 (Monday 18th August 2008)

Hare: Clitoria
(assisted by Scarlet Pimp or was it the other way round?)

Photos & captions: Cook The Fook


The Hare waits patiently


Returnee Scarlet Pimperknickers and his nappy


Spanish Fly is the beer bitch


Fair Cop is improperly dressed


Evenin' all !


Clitoria MBE is the official Hare but Scarlet Pimperknickers says
he laid most of it - the trail, that is.


Spanish Fly proudly presents the beers


Scarlet is being greedy with the hare's beer so Clitoria makes him wear it


The old and the the older........GM's that is. Well, what did you think I meant?


Returnees Rim Job and Scarlet P enjoy a DIO


Another DIO for Floppy Dick, for short cutting this time.
Seems to be drinking only softies. Could this mean he's Mini Me?


Looks like Fair Cop is going to throw the book at someone


I see no ships.....but what is Cook the Fook hiding?


Now we see it's his 75th badge.........what a sad fook!






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