(East of Athens)

Run 1597 (Monday 4th August 2008)

Hare: Fair Cop

Photos & captions: Cook The Fook

- T H E     P R E-R U N -

Absolut has a pre-run beer


- T H E     C I R C L E -

Visitors Kathleen, Nuclear Jism and Ken from DC. Is that in America


Fair Cop decides who would award him the most points


And the winner is the one and only Clitoria MBE. Only right and proper too


Fair Cop wonders who has passed this Hare's cup


Someone's pinched our FRB helmet yet again, so here's an emblem Ken can keep


Oh, no- It's my run next week


Returnee and visitor Pop Up


What's going on here then?

.....Oh, O.K. then. Pop Up has to take his drink upside down for being Australian


So Clitoria is not demonstrating how to give birth,
but simply making sure he keeps his head down...OK


I know someone who's going to be the Hare on a very special occasion......
But then Clitoria is just special anyway.


What's this then - Looks like a new T-shirt


Not only is it new, it's a virgin Hare T-shirt - and only a week late


Phone calls outside the circle are still not allowed









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