& the Athens 2004 Olympic Stadium Complex
(Northern Athens)

Run 1582 (Sunday 27th April 2008)


Hare: Cook The Fook

Mad Dog

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- T H E     T R A I L -

The starting point & circle (CTF & BOD's house in Maroussi):
Latitude 38 02' 35.91'' North
Longitude 23 47' 41.77'' East
Altitude: 196 metres above sea level

Trail cartographic Length = 8.5 km


From 2 Km altitude


From 5 Km altitude


Cook The Fook's and Sheila's house in Maroussi


- T H E     R U N -


(Ain't they sweet)

(Lucky to be alive in Maroussi on Easter Sunday!)



Local dogs welcome us (or maybe not)



Crossing the Attiki Odos motorway


Mad Dog with Hare & GM Cook The Fook


Cook The Fook takes time out for a s.....nooze

(Just what is a toilet bowl doing on the pavement???)


Hashers (left) head for the Olympic Stadium (in the distance)


A quick stop to play in the sand :-)


Panoramic view - Crossing the Attiki Odos again - Note The Mall on the left.

Floppy Dick with his Star Wars light sabre (box)


Flowers of Spring


More Dogs to greet us - this time there were friendly puppies


A glimpse (by the rail tracks) of the Calatrava walkway in the OAKA grounds


Panoramic - Entering the OAKA Olympic complex



Dwarfed by the Calatrava structure


Panoramic view of the entrance, walkway & water pools




Panoramic view of the main stadium & other OAKA facilities


Leaving the Olympic complex


The archaeological exhibit near the exit

(Location: 38° 02' 19.67" N, 23°47' 22.49" E)


Interesting description of the archaeological finds.


Olympic complex Ice Rink .... Would be nice if it was open to the public!!


- T H E     C I R C L E -

The circle was a sitting-down circle as it was also Easter lunchtime.

Panoramic view of the circle. Clitoria poured the beers.


Clitoria prepares the Down downs


The hare's DIO

(Cook The Fook took us on a grand tour of Maroussi)


DIO's for not wearing hash attire


CU Sheila receives her 50 run (walk) badge


The badge is stuck on with beer


Well done! CU Sheila. Now isn't there something we are forgetting?


Sheila doesn't have a hash name. Let's have a naming!


Bride of Derekula - is feeling a bit damp!


Mad Dog's DIO


Clitoria & her pussy cat

(Is she turning a bit marsupial?)


Mad Dog gets strangled by Cook The Fook's carnivorous garden shrub



Tucking into Easter lunch

Cooked by Cook The Fook with a Cokoretsi contribution from Hamish.


Roast lamb, roast beef, mint sauce + veggies & Yorkshire Puddings


After lots of wine & beer - what better than to nod-off under a bush?






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                                                                        MD Feb. 2006

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