Mount Hymettos (via Koropi)
(East of Athens)

Run 1579 (Sunday 6th April 2008)

Hare: Fiery Tw*t

Photos & captions: Prickly Bush


Welcome to hash 1579


The hare Fiery Twat describes the trail


- T H E     R U N -

Looking back at the hash start


Muscari comosum (Tassle hyacinth)


A glum Fiery Twat expects rain


Ophrys heldreichii


(Heldreich's ophrys)


A blot on an otherwise beautiful landscape


Not sure, it has the colouring of Ophrys spruneri but the lip of Ophrys sphegodes


Floppy Dick checks while others gaze in horror at where we might be going


Euphorbia acanthothamnos otherwise known as prickly bush


Mountain Goat and The Bookmaker point out a falsie



Floppy Dick takes a well earned rest


Asphodeline lutea


Black Mamba enjoying the spring air


On up hashers


Silene compacta


Close up


Saint Ilius Church


View from the church


Legousia pentagonia


Globularia alypum


Bellardia trixago


Trapogon hybridus


T H E     C I R C L E -


A DIO for the Bookmaker


The hare Fiery Twat receives her judgement


Stress Cow now has the means to cycle to work


The Bookmaker gives Bones a farewell gift


A DIO for The Bookmaker and Mountain Goat


Fiery Twat awards the FRB helmet............ Floppy Dick


Fiery Twat will drop her pants at any excuse?
No, it's because she is given a replacement 50 run badge!


Returnee Meningitis


Picnicing hashers


Bee feeding on sage flowers (salvia triloba)


Orchis quadripunctata





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