(Northern Athens)

Run 1576 (Sunday 16th March 2008)

Hares: Andrew (Bones) & Coke Dealer

Photos & captions: Prickly Bush



A pre-circle natter


Fair Cop calls the hashers to circle up


The hares Bones and Coke Dealer


Bones admits that they didn't read the trail guide lines until AFTER they laid the trail



Off they go




Check point confusion


A burnt landscape


Check point


Returning from a Falsie


Arguing hares


A glum Napoloen finds another falsie


Greenery at last



The circle


Fair Cop the RA invites the hares into the circle


The hares Coke Dealer and Bones share a DIO


A modest Bones dons his virgin hare's shirt


Mountain Goat shows Fiery Twat's injury


....and shares a DIO


Fair Cop is awarded the shortest of short cutting bastard's DIO


Stress Cow is awarded the Oxymoran DIO for joining the run half way through


We have never had a van wanting to join the circle before


This must be a first. Maximus Pooh has his DIO in his vehicle


A joke from The Bookmaker


Formosa Flyer, Martin and Karma Kanic share a long time no see DIO


Chris a virgin hasher


The RA calls for a naming


After 120 runs and 12 years of hashing Bones has avoided a naming


As we already have a Rim Job...


Clitoria makes sure that Bones sits on the ice


An apprehensive Bones wonders what will happen next


Fair Cop asks the hashers for suitable names


Clitoria checks that Bones' under-carriage is suitably numb


In the name of the Holy Gisbert Bones is named Bones


Yammas Bones


Fiery Twat pleads for the FRB helmet


Prickly Bush is Shit of the Week


Spanish Fly looks fulfilled after her week with the hash phallus


Coffee Crepes is the delighted recipient


The Bookmaker reminds all hashers that Tyros is the place to be next weekend


Clitoria will be holding the fort in Athens for wayward Brits







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                                                                        MD Feb. 2006

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