(Southern Athens)

Run 1569 (Sunday 27th January 2007)

Hare: Hamish McTavish Esq.

Australia Day (plus Full Moon) Run

Photographer: Prickly Bush


Fair dinkum Aussies Absolut and Hamish MacTavish Esquire


Beaut couple Kum Kwik and Scrubber


Hashers enoying the Bundaberg Rum and tucker of vegemite nibbles


Black Mamba and bitzer Zak


Holy dooley! Hamish MacTavish Esquire is the Hare


Coke Dealer and Rear Entry storm uphill


Cobbers Scarlet Pimperknickers, Cook the Fook and Spy Shagger


On a clear day one can see Oz


Mad Dog takes a squizz at the view


Strewth, no flyers down this slope


Where is the blue?


Still no blue


Mountain Goat points out the molten aluminium


Ripper Fair Cop sports aluminium antlers


Absolut has the keys to the ute


Grog of Champagne and fizzy pop abound


Fiery Twat returns from a walkabout beyond the black stump


The circle


Fair Cop is waiting for a decision from the circle


The Hare's DIO


Bonzer Fair Cop RA


Dennis, Fiery Twat and Black Mamba receive a DIO for misdemeanors on trail


Sheila Bouboulina celebrates 75 runs


Sheila Clitoria is sent to seek out a German


Reckon Joerg prefers the champagne DIO to a XXXX


The Bookmaker opens Rear Entry's letter


Good onya, Rear Entry is awarded his Athens 10 K certificate


A DIO for Mountain Goat


Virgin hashers Pom Ian, Seppo Stephanie and Johnny


Was Stephanie's preference dingo or jackal


Absolut with the hash donger


Kum Kwik Full Moon RA takes centre stage for a yabber


A DIO for all who have Australian connections however tenuous


Some of the Taverna group









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                                                                            MD Feb. 2006