(Northern Athens)

Run 1566 (Sunday 6th January 2008)

Hare: Rear Entry

Photographer: Cook The Fook

Captions: Sheila

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- B E F O R E   T H E    R U N -

01_Cake and Champagne. My kind of run.


02_What's this. A French banana?


03_Born Free has been cropped


04_Mad Dog thinks things are going OK


05_It says cut along the dotted line. Are you sure?


06_Spy Shagger doesn't pop her cork for everyone usually


07_Bouboulina has furry ears.
Wonder if she has seen the Doctor about them


08_I wonder who will get the coin
and all the good luck for the coming year?


09_Looks like Scarlet Pimperknickers.
Handily pointed out by Mad Dog


10_Who's a lucky boy then?


11_Gosh that coat looks expensive. Still, someone had to win it


12_Oh, yea, that really suits you, sir


13_And free Beanie hats for those that want them


- T H E     C I R C L E -

14_A happy hare


15_A virgin Harriet, Myrto


16_Bookmaker and Mountain Goat (unusually)
have a DIO for making their own trail


17_Good old pals


18_A hot water bottle! Wonder what Fiery
has been warming up for The Bookmaker?


19_It's got beer in it now


20_Bet that tastes rubbery. Get it down, all the same


21_What's this - Product placement?


22_Watch out, he's behind you


23_We celebrate the safe return of McTavish


24_She said these are for educational purposes. Surely not?


25_She says it's for the girls. Suck, breathe, swallow.
What can she mean....Best not ask?


26_At last an award


27_But for whom?


28_Why, Cocks Tale of course


29_Me me me me me ..........
well you know how the rest of the song goes!






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                                                                            MD Feb. 2006

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