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Harriettes playing a balloon game

(with a balloon tied to their left foot they must burst the balloons of others)


With few balloons still intact, the survivors battle it out


Clitoria & Leanover are the last two left & Clitoria finally wins.


Later, after some dancing games, each group is asked to write a section of a story
(they don't know they are going to be required to act the stories)


Break for supper


The hashers have brought salads and desserts



An 8-kilo suckling pig with apple & mustard sauces -
plus roast potatoes is quickly devoured
(washed down with lots of wine)
They were hungry!


Back to finishing the stories
(each group had to add a section based on their given category)


Midnight arrives & the champagne is poured


Happy New Year!


New Year's pitta - donated by Strawberry & Leanover


Now each group has to act one of the composite stories as it is read
(this turns out to be hilarious)


Time for dancing


The dancing gets wilder & wilder!

Then, after 2.00 am Rim Job arrives...

Lots of booze but not much food left!