Syngrou Park
(Northern Athens)

Run 1563 (Sunday 16th December 2007)

Hare: Prickly Bush

Photos & captions: Prickly Bush

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- T H E     T R A I L -

PB's hand-drawn track on a Google satellite map


- T H E     R U N -

Chatting hashers


Fair Cop brings the circle to order


A stroll in the park for Scarlet, Fair Cop and Mad Dog


Wise man tells Stress Cow how to run


Returning from a Falsie


Fair Cop and Cook the Fook power on




GM's Team vs RA's Team





Is this basketball or rugby


George has possession of the ball


Bones tackles Coke Dealer


Mad Dog scores


Vicky scores


Vicky passes in true Aussie rugby fashion


Mad Dog scores again


Mad Dog gingerly treads through the prickly bushes


Scarlet checks while others relax


Mad Dog and Bones on checking duty


While others chat


George and Fair Cop charge down the ON IN


Leanover, Doggie Style and Bouboulina


On beer


On sex


- T H E     C I R C L E -

The circle


Beer bitch


The hare's DIO


Mad Dog challenges Prickly Bush to the HARD AS NAILS DIO


A DIO for Napoo;eon's Bony Part and Coffee Crepe


The circle


Bones and Scarlet receive the Einstein DIO


Is Scarlet as hard as nails


Attentive hashers


RA Fair Cop pontificates


Mad Dog offers Joerg the HARD AS NAILS DIO


Fair Cop asks vigin hasher George to join the circle


Clitoria MBE is delighted to know to the answer to the crucial fourth question.

The Swedish helicopter will now be added to her repetoire.


Oxymoron receives the Oxymoron Memorial Down Down


Stress Cow and Mountain Goat have a DIO for no particular reason


Guest RA Stawberry 4Skin


Love Bug has a DIO for Chief


A DIO for the winning basketball team


Vicky has enjoyed her week with Napoleon's Bony Part but passes it on to.......




S4S prepares to name Vicky


S4S asks for suitable names


Coke Dealer gives Vicky her DIO



A relaxed Vicky awaits the naming


S4S declares in the name of the holy Gisbert from this day forward Vicky shall be known as Absolute
(after the Vodka)


The hashers annoint Absolute with the finest ale


Mad Dog reminds the hashers that he and Doggie Style are hosting the New Year party


Refreshed after a beer shampoo


Napoleon's Bony Part and Coffee Crepe






Bones and Coke Dealer






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                                                                            MD Feb. 2006

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