Kaletzi (near Marathon Lake )
(North of Athens)

Run 1562 (Sunday 9th December 2007)


Hare: The Bookmaker

Photos & captions: Prickly Bush



Leanover and Love Bug prepared to face the storms


All Day Sucker does a Dame Edna impersonation


The RA has a quiet moment to pray for clear skies


and lo the sun shone


The hare


Richard checks the olive grove


Are you checking?


We will let Fiery Twat check


Come on you hashers


Another check


and another check


Where have you been Strawberry 4Skin


Yes it's another check


Oh, what a beautiful morning


The GM Cook the Fook


Leanover and Scrubber


The Hare is awarded 6.9 for a flourless trail.

Excuses about overnight drizzle is not admissable.


The hare's DIO


Fiery Twat has a DIO for running through a check


A DIO for Vicky for refusing the horn


Black Mamba and Karma Kanic wrestle


Clitoria MBE demonstates to Vicky how to use the phallus


Vicky graciously accepts


Vicky explains that she has seen one or two Aussie ones of similar proportions


Breathe and swallow


A DIO for Grandpa Kum Kwik


'These boots were made for walking' and that's just what they did


Bones and Coke Dealer


Rear Entry and Spy Shagger









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                                                                            MD Feb. 2006

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