Athens Classic Marathon
(Central Athens)

Run 1557 (Sunday 4th November 2007)

Hare: Phidippides

Photographer: Mad Dog

Total photos & images: 62
Total filesize: 2,800 Kilobytes
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The starting point (Marble Stadium):
Latitude 37 58' 10.80'' North
Longitude 23 44' 23.90" East
Altitude: 96 metres above sea level

Athens Hash History
10k Marathon run from Ag. Paraskevi Church


Marathon logo

Marathon flyer showing the website where the results are posted


Official 10k route from and back to the Panathinaikon (Marble) stadium


Satellite image of the Marble Stadium & surrounding area


Panoramic view - Adjacent to the stadium entrance
(the finishing arch for the full Marathon can be seen)


Panoramic view - Stadium entrance & surround


Better view of flags & balloons


The starting arch for the 10k run
(Note the large bunch of balloons to be released)


Another view opposite the stadium entrance


TV camera being raised in readiness for the start of the run


Runners gather outside the stadium


Scarlet Pimperknickers has breakfast


Men-in-gitis & Mad Dog in a playful mood


Men-in-gitis with F2 and Fiery Tw*t


Strawberry 4Skin


Mad Dog, Strawberry 4Skin & Scarlet Pimp


Joff & Sue


Rear Entry


The Bookmaker


Clitoria with Scarlet Pimp


Doggie Style


Fair Cop


Men-in-gitis disguised as Men-in-gitis


The long line for the toilets


- T H E   R U N -

Strawberry 4Skin & Mad Dog approach the starting arch


Gathering at the start of the 10k run


The balloons are released


And they are away!!!


Vassileos Konstadinou (King Constantine) Avenue
- The course is almost all uphill until the halfway point


Vassileos Konstadinou (King Constantine) Avenue


Passing the Athens Hilton Hotel
(The road now changes name)


Vassilisis Sofia (Queen Sofia) Avenue


The Megaron Musikis on the left had side


The American Embassy on the left


The Athens Tower in the distance


About to bear right into Michalakopoulou Street


On Michalakopoulou Street






The road shortly becomes Mesogeion Avenue


The underpass at Katehaki Street
(Note the Calatrava footbridge spanning Mesogeion Avenue)


On On & under


Continuing northward up Mesogeion Avenue


Finally the halfway turning point is in sight on Mesogeion Ave.


180 degree turnaround and back towards the underpass


38 Km sign for the full Marathon


Heading back towards the Athens Hilton


The glass "Running Man" sculpture


Almost all downhill


The end in sight


Left turn into the stadium


This way please, sir


Hashers cheer the runners in


The entrance to the stadium


Running to the finish at the arch - after which the medals are given


The video screen & the bandstand in the stadium


- A F T E R  T H E   R U N -

Mad Dog with refreshment


Rear Entry with official kit bag


The hashers watch the action from the stadium -
But where has The Bookmaker got to?


Panoramic view of the Marble Stadium



The 10,000 metre (10k) bronze medal






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                                                                            MD Feb. 2006

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