(Near Tolo, Peloponnese)

(Sunday 30th September 2007)


Hares: Napoleon's Bony Part & Air Head

Photographs & captions: Cook The Fook & Sheila



This is the start of the Full Moon circle, our Lord and Master presiding


Yes, we are all nearly there!


The Hares are introduced. Bonyparts and Air Head - a joint venture!


Bonyparts gives it the thumbs up!


And Air Head keeps her legs crossed........


More direction from Mr Moonlight Hamish!


That's a rude Greek sign, isn't it? What has Coke Dealer done to Scrubber?


Now Bones looks to have been attacked, but what by?


Did you see which way it went?


I'm not kidding. It was this big!


Coke Dealer seems to have taken this snake in hand!


Champagne Charlie is me name

Hamish wondering what vintage he's brought and whether it's travelled ok!


Fair Cop in deep thought! Spy Shagger hands the fizzy pop round!


Is Joe looking for a Guinness?


Coke Dealer still with snake!
Joined by Scrubber and Doggie Style, making their way to the circle.


Lots of standing around drinking! Come on, circle up!


- T H E     C I R C L E -

The Hares Bonyparts and Air Head prepare to be judged


They made us run through mud, water, sand
and goodness knows what else, but most of us enjoyed it!


Rear Entry sporting the wet look!


Harriets do it sitting down!


Bottoms up for you two


”I want to tell you a story,“ says Guest R.A Thunder Thighs


OK. Down to Business. Who's first?


Fair Cop, the karaoke king.
He said he couldn't find any where to plug it in. A likely story.


Call that a hat? He looks more like a washer woman.


Hamish about to be presented with a weed!


Or is it cannabis, growing wild?


Scrubber. Has she had her hair done?


Is she going to show us?


Not likely!


Is she going to show us?


Not likely!


Last Tango summoned for not wearing a hat.


At least she's wearing more than she was at the wedding yesterday!


The hares are at it again!


Look out for that serpent, ladies.


I know that face!


Mad Dog doing Beatrix...Beer tricks, get it? Oh well, please yourself.


What's going on here?


Are these new?


Shampoo from a trainer? Not likely!


“This is not right, that's not right!”
Coke Dealer and Bones get the whinging award


Champagne Bitch doing a good job


All Australians are born............well you know how it goes!


Everyone is happy, anyway. Sun, sand and what's the other S?
Oh yes, I remember - Champagne of course!


Anyone fancy a spliff?


We lost two people from leaving the hotel and getting to the run.
Any guesses as to whom?


Yes, it's Doggie Style and Mad Dog.
What's that I hear you say about Sat nav?


Obviously not bloodhounds, then


Fair Cop struts his stuff.


An offence has come to his attention


I think this looks more like line dancing than a circle


What's this about Air Head's back passage?


Apparently everone missed going up it apart from lucky old Fair Cop
............shhh don't tell Wet Dream!


Vicky explains every thing about pointing. Well, she is Australian, bless her


Full Moon Hashers have to wear hats in the circle.
Write this out 500 times you lot!


Who's this bleeding without permission?


Might have known. It was Last Tango!


But she seems proud of it anyway!


”You caught me drinking from the bottle,“ says Cook the Fook.
Don't tell the wife!


Cook the Fook, making sure there's none left. He gets all the dirty jobs






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