Vivari (near Tolo)

(Saturday 29th September 2007)



Hare: The Bookmaker

Photographer: Mad Dog

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- T H E     T R A I L -

The starting point & circle (close to the beach):
Latitude 37 32' 06.82'' North
Longitude22 54' 59.05'' East

Trail cartographic Length = 10.1 km

Note the natural harbour


- T H E     R U N -

Hashers gather before the run


The Bookmaker (the hare) leads the hashers back through the fence from the first falsie


They immediately get diverted onto a second false trail along the water's edge


Finally off to the main trail

Panoramic view of the harbour >>>>>


Running through the village streets


Air Head under the road sign


Thunderthighs indicates a check


Heading for the hills along a newly-surfaced road


Cook The Fook with the hash horn


The Bookmaker shows us one of his checks


Panoramic view of a fertile valley with orange trees   >>>>>


The Bookmaker with another of his checks


Panoramic view from a road through a valley


On on past bee hives


Thunderthighs with Cook The Fook & Last Tango behind


Scarlet Pimperknickers with the hash horn


Panoramic view of the hills    >>>>>


Panoramic view showing the sea and islands in the distance


Getting closer to the coast


Stunning view of the sea and islands


The runners (minus two harriettes still catching-up)


Mad Dog with Fiery Tw*t


Fair Cop at the beginning of the long On-in


House with a view!


Panoramic view with hashers returning to the starting point



- T H E     C I R C L E -

The circle is held on the water's edge


The hare's down down


Kum Kwik is the rotating Splash Hash RA


Napolean's Bony Parts & Fiery Tw*t in the circle


Panoramic view of the circle     >>>>


Kum Kwik's DIO


- A F T E R   T H E     C I R C L E -

(Photos from The Bookmaker)

Thunderthighs takes to the water


Group photo



- T H E     T A V E R N A -

Hashers in good spirits after the meal

(Despite the wines being so bad at this Taverna we just drunk beer)









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                                                                            MD Feb. 2006

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