(Northern Athens)

Run 1549 (Monday 10th September 2007)

Hare: Attila

Photos & Captions: Cook The Fook & Sheila

- B E F O R E   T H E    R U N -

Clit's wondering what the gloves are for. Perhaps better not to ask


What a serious lot


Are you looking at me? Hamish in good form, as usual


Returning Hasher. Is this a new game the girls are playing


Visitors, Crucifix and Holy Ozone, who have a surprise for us later


Snowjob, late as usual, but, it would appear, dressed for winter


Fair Cop limbering up for this epic run


Good to see the back of Buggar Al and Wee Mouflon, after what they said about us


Give it to me - I can take the top off it for you, old man.
(Clitoria rounding up the pack in her own viragoish way)


- T H E     C I R C L E -

"You put your left leg in…" - Born Free demonstrating the hokey cokey


Waiting for the circle to start


The hare, Attila…


…making an exhibition of himself


Is it a sail cloth?


No, it's a Virgin Hare t-shirt


Officers' Flying Club


There'll be no fires this week, thanks to these trail-waterers!


Something seems to have tickled these two


A United Nations' DIO


Scarlet seems to be worried that his seams are not straight


Fiery Twat asking the fourth question. If you want to know the answer, turn up next week


Visitors' DIO


I bet this seat could tell a tale or two


The hare and Sh*t of the Week as well? That takes some doing


Clitoria's 250th. What a poser!


250 runs, walks or ambles. How old does that make her in hash years?










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                                                                            MD Feb. 2006

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