(Northern Athens)

Run 1548 (Monday 3rd September 2007)

Hare: Mad Dog

Photos & Captions: Cook The Fook & Sheila


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- T H E     C I R C L E -

Fiery is not frightened by the snakes.
Maybe the inflatable banana has hidden properties?


'Allo, 'allo, then. What's goin' on 'ere? It's a Fair Cop, guv.


Is it a hare? Is it a dog? Maybe a harey dog….


Mad Dog's DIO


Seems to be taking a long time. Maybe he's out of practice


Fair Cop looks for a victim. Is Fiery's banana a vibrating one?
She doesn't seem able to put it down


Strawberry demonstrates how to hold your hands for the flying song


Is this a returnee? No, just Bookmaker coming back from a longer run


And what a tale he has to tell. Get it down, anyway.


He says he found this belt.
Just call kinky Clitoria on this number - 555 5555 - if you dare!


She's obviously put something in her mouth she didn't like!


Virgin Hasher, Dimi


Fiery with banana. Again


Doggy Style and Leanover, beer babes


What with bananas and snakes, what's a girl to do?


Clitoria tells us all a story


No Hash t-shirts? Maybe next week









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