(North-east of Athens)

Run 1547 (Saturday 25th August 2007)

Hare: Budwanker & Love Bug

- GM Budwanker's last run -

Photos & Captions: Cook The Fook & Sheila

The Moraitis Water Sports Club

- T H E     C I R C L E -

Cook the Fook presents Budwanker with his leaving gifts


Do you think he likes it? Wait till he sees what's inside!


A Full Moon Hash?


And so it begins, the end of an era. The King is dead. Long live the King!


The acting GM, Fair Cop


The hares, Budwanker and Love Bug


The hares' DIO. Is that another virgin hasher to the left? Want a nice hat, lady?


Scarlet points out the next target to super-sniper Clitoria


Wet Dream and Cum Kwik


I can see hats in the circle. It isn't allowed, you know!


Not everyone can crush a can like our very own S. Pimperknickers!


DIO for just plain old Budwanker now


Happy virgin hashers nervously waiting for the questions


All these virgins! How will the RA cope?


DIO. Go on - you can do it!


A smiling Budwanker


What's that between the ex-GM's legs? Never seen one like that before

(Budwanker is awarded his 100-run badge & pewter tankard)


The acting GM reads the cleverly constructed saga of Budwanker the Great


Accepted gratefully, it seems


And here it is


Budwanker in the frame!


Beware Clitoria with water pistol


We are all waiting in anticipation, it seems


Pretentious! Moi?


Poor Scarlet has an official t-shirt but still has to have a DIO


- T H E    P I C N I C -

Stress Cow arrives


What's perked him up?


Now we know.


It was this big, I tell you


Now we'll have some fun. What a cheeky smile


Karmacanic's found a good place to rest his weary head


O.K. Give me a feaking ring and I'll ask her!


I wonder what she said?


Dog day afternoon


But he has no tail. Nothing to wag, then?


Mad dog looks deep in thought. Wonder what it is?


Maybe Love Bug's drunk his beer?


Sometimes you just don't need words, do you?









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                                                                            MD Feb. 2006