Mykonos Island Weekend
(Northern Cyclades)

Run 1530 (Saturday 5th May 2007)

Hares: Rear Entry & Spy Shagger

Photographer: Prickly Bush

Total photos & images: 30
Total filesize: 1,220 Kilobytes
Minimum 5.8 mins download time at 28.8 Kilobits/sec

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View of Myconos from the hotel


Limonium sinustum


Bud Wanker poses mid run


Dianthus deltoides


Self Service takes a break


The circle


Spy Shagger and Rear Entry the hares


Spy Shagger tries on her Virgin Hare t-shirt


Rear Entry and Spy Shagger model their new T-shirts


Clitoria awards the GM with an FBI T-shirt


Female Body Inspector checks out Clitoria


Spy Shagger the beer bitch


DIO for the tone deaf music maestro


Love Bug's pants have an arguement with barbed wire and Clitoria


Clitoria still fondling Love Bug's bum


50 Runs for Self Service


Lean Over is awarded her 75 run badge


75 runs for Cocks 'n' Balls and Ram Pants receives her 25 run mug


Love Bug is todays FRB


Flying Cocks 'n' Balls


Likk Mm and Parsons Nose


Thunder thighs


Rim Job, PB and Bones


The Oxymoron memorial down down


Rear Entry, Likk Mm, Shunt and S4S share a DIO


Stand-in RA Strawberry 4skin names Lester


Lester is named Karmachanic


The majority of the Myconos hashers


Why are we waiting (FOR THE BUS) could be m...........






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