(Eastern Athens)

Run 1521 (Sunday 11th March 2007)

Hare: Stress Cow & Cock's Tail

Photos & captions: Polli

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The Bookmaker with the Hares Stress Cow and Cock's Tale


Let the circle begin without the GM


The Hares describe the trail. Which nearly takes as long as the run itself


Check point


On up


Mad Dog stops for a breather and to admire the view



Cerinthe major




The GM tries to muster the Hashers into a circle


The Hares DIO


Looks like Stress Cow is on the Meths


Virgin Hare Stress Cow


Strawberry 4skin, Derek and Black Mamba recieve DIO's for urinating and defacating on trail


Fiery Tw*t recieves two DIO


Visiting Hasher The Dog's Bollocks


The Dog's Bollocks brings gifts from The Hague Hash


Cock's Tale tries on the gift from Dog's Bollocks


Scrubber wonders which fat bastard will recieve this T-shirt


Black Mamba, Cock's Tale and Dog's Bollocks share a DIO


Fiery Tw*t delights in receiving the FRB for the second time this year


Flying Mountain Goat


Spy Shagger flies for Black Mamba


The Gm ponders as to who should recieve the next DIO


Fiery Tw*t moons at the GM. Derek has an eye full.


The bookmaker tries out his tongue technique on Mountain Goat


He seems to be winning Mountain Goat over


A lesson from Mountain Goat on how to shag a sheep!


The Dog's Bollocks tries on her Athens Hash T-shirt


A warning from Budwanker to Oxy not to look at,
speak to, or touch his niece when she comes to the hash


Rear Entry and Spy Shagger at the Taverna








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                                                                            MD Feb. 2006

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