Ano Melissia
(Northern Athens)

Run 1518 (Monday 19th February 2007)

(and traditional kite flying)

Hares: Kum Kwik & Polli

Photographer: Mad Dog

Total photos & images: 28
Total filesize: 1,140 Kilobytes
Minimum 5.4 mins download time at 28.8 Kilobits/sec

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View of trail from 2.9 Km altitude

Trail length - 8.06 Km (includes falsies)

(Cartographic, not  topographic length - i.e. not including extra distance due to changing elevation)

Start location: 38d 04m 10.10s, 023d 50m 39.53s

Kite hill location: 38d 04m 50.61s, 023d 50m 42.72s


3-D view of trail from 1 Km altitude


3-D view of trail from 2 Km altitude

Mount Pendeli is seen on the right


Elevation profile of trail (distance shown does not include falsies)

This explains some of the grunts and groans heard from the hashers.


Hash Giveaway table - covered while run in progress

(Hashers give away stuff they don't need - including books - to other hashers)


The hares Kum Kwik & Polli.

Kum Kwik lies through his teeth about the trail as any good hare should.


A nice flat bit to start with


S4S takes a leak


Early spring & the sap is rising


Panoramic view


Clean Monday kites


Panoramic view

The Melissia cemetery & chapel can be seen in the distance


Panoramic view of the nice countryside


Polli takes a snap of a rare orchid
(or maybe she and Black Mamba have that springtime feeling too)


Panoramic view from the top of Kite hill


Enlarged panoramic view from the top of Kite hill showing the main road below


Living dangerously (Flowers growing in the road)


Mageena's goats want to join the hash


More goats!


AND LATER - After lunch at the taverna - KITE FLYING

Doggie Style with Mad Dog's new kite


The wind starts to drop & keeping the kite flying becomes more difficult



Doggie Style tries her best...


...But the kite comes down.


The visitors from Rome get their small kite going...


...And look pleased with themselves.

Strawberry4Skin wasn't having much luck with his sports kite.


Fair Cop & Wet Dream with their kite






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                                                                            MD Feb. 2006

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