Tatoi Royal Estate
(Varibobi - Northern Athens)

Run 1514 (Sunday 21st January 2007)

Hare: Mountain Goat

Photos & captions: Polli

Total photos & images: 29
Total filesize: 1,240 Kilobytes
Minimum 5.9 mins download time at 28.8 Kilobits/sec

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The Bookmaker with the hare Mountain Goat..


Budwanker calls the circle to order..


Mountain Goat describes the trail. No uphills and no falsies!!.


Boston Hasher Kum is Kosher returns from a falsie..


Mountain Goat returns from rounding up hashers from a falsie..


Rear Entry blows the horn.


A beautiful sunny day in the forest..


On up..


Zak urges the hashers up the hill..


Stress Cow, Budwanker and Fair Cop strolling up the hill..


More strollers in the morning sun..


Hazards on trail..


The circle..


Mountain Goat the Hare gets his down in one..


Although Boston Hasher Bi-Curious George was awarded the Hermes Hat it will be staying in Athens.


Budwanker hands over the Shit of the week award to Bi-Curious George..


Boston Hasher Bi-Curious George points out that the New York cap will not be well received in Boston. Goodbye loo seat..


Coke Dealer punished for a misdemeanor on trail..


Bouboulina celebrates 50 runs. How sad..


Rear entry celebrates 150 runs. How very sad..


Rim Job punished for wearing new shoes..


Coke Dealer prepares to hand over the black penis to the Boston Hasher
as she never ever wants to see or be awarded the hideous phallis again.


Boston Hasher Kum is Kosher receives the black penis..


Kum is Kosher shows she knows what to do with it..


Polli hides her fatty bits behind Budwanker as she prepares to try on the Boston t-shirt..


Ada and ADS look on as Polli, Mountain Goat and Budwanker celebrate gifts from Boston.


RA Fair Cop in full song..


Stess Cow and Chooting Star sharing a DIO.







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                                                                            MD Feb. 2006

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